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The first trailer of Tron Legacy is available at Apple site (HD version). It features the original main actor, Jeff Bridge (plays as the main character’s father), and the original volontary minimalist graphic style (however full of abstract power and symbolic). It seems very well done (also for the music), and the movie is expected for 2010. Meanwhile we can play at Tron 2 game, that was released some years ago and still succeeded going farther than the original movie, by providing even more inspiring graphics, music (great) and plot.

Aspyr and LucasArts announced they will release Star Wars : The Force Unleashed on Mac and PC this fall (it has been out on console since September, 2008). This extended version (Ultimate Sith Edition) will include three additional levels.

Logic Pro 9 (and then Logic Express 9) indeed works perfectly on a PowerPC mac (universal binary application). Moreover it seems performing ways better than Logic 8 (by using more efficiently distributed load accross CPU cores), so running it on a G4 shouldn’t be a problem :
For the record, LP9 is up and running on my G5 Quad. While I’ve yet to fully test functionality or Mainstage 2 fort hat matter, I can say that the upgrade process ran smoothly.
I’m editing a large project at the moment and I’ve not yet run into any issues. One thing I can say is that all 4 processors in my Quad seem to be better utilized than under LP8. Load looks very evenly distributed.

PPC and Logic 9 works…trust me. I’m running it right now– and I’ve worked on three large projects just today.
In terms of MASSIVE performance improvements; I’m a bit stumped. My G5 Quad is running at about half CPU in a plugin intensive session containing about 46 tracks (32 MIDI). Disk I/O load is also about nill. Memory is at about 75% utilization.

UPDATE : as stated through below links, Logic Express is Intel binary only starting 9.1.1 update (the updates won’t apply on PowerPC).

LucasArts released its first game at the AppStore, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (7,99$), that will also be out on PC. It is an enhanced version of the original game (graphics and musics), however the finer and antialiased scenes seem less warm, with less color and less symbolic (to be verified by real play as enhanced sound, visual effects and touch control could also make the game liver).
We are expecting Full Throttle, The Dig, and Sam & Max. We could also use ScummVM on iPhone (jailbreak required) in order to use most original LucasArts games, and other : Discworld, Discworld 2, Sierra games, Return to Zork, The 7th Guest, etc.

Steinberg The Grand 3

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Audio
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Steinberg presents The Grand 3. Besides Yamaha C7, Bosendorger 290 and Steinway D, this new version includes a Yamaha CP80 electric piano and an upright Nordiska Pianofabriken piano. An Ecco mode allows to reduce memory and CPU usage, and a samples purge feature has been added. It also features a new convolution reverb. Audio demos are available. The install requires 32 Gb and it is priced 350 euros.

Apple unveiled Logic Studio 9 et Logic Express 9. As we can see Logic Express gains most of the Studio verison features and plugins : FlexTime, advanced Midi and audio editing, surround mix, AmpDesigner (25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, 3 mics), Pedalboard (30 stompboxes), SpaceDesigner, EXS24 (the whole install now requires 8 Gb, however sound effects and surround sounds from the Studio version aren’t included). The Sculpture instrument also does not seem to be provided in the Express version.

The specifications page states that Logic Express and Studio now require an Intel mac, however it might still work on a PowerPC (if universal binary), despite it not being officially supported.

Apple valued more than Google

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Apple
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After having announced record results (with a gross margin of 36 percents), Apple’s value now exceeds Google’s one (140 billions $ vs 135). We are waiting for next generation of Intel processors that will bring the new AVX vector engine, in order to finally get the audio (and video) processing power that have still been provided by Motorola G4’s Altivec for 10 years. I was present at its launch during the 1999 keynote at Paris’s Palais des Sports (Apple and Bungie also unveiled during the show the first video of Halo… that was planned for mac only – that was before Microsoft acquired Bungie) !