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NanoStudio for iPhone

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Audio
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Blip Interactice presents NanoStudio for iPhone, that features 4 synths with 2 oscillators and 8 notes polyphony each (also resonant filter, 4 LFOs, 3 ADSR, 2 X/Y controllers and 2 insert effects pear synth – also available as send among waveshaper, chorus/flanger/delay). External (imported) samples can be used instead of waveforms (latency is 10ms). Two TRG-16 Trigger modules (16 pads) also allow to trigger samples (bundled, or imported in Aiff format – also editing through touch). The sequencer is very powerful (and the interface very intuitive and quick responding) as we can see in the video, and final mix can be exported through wifi (using NanoSync Mac/PC application).

It is priced 11,99 euros at the AppStore, and a Mac/PC version is provided for free (without touch management) here

Bryce 7/ Pro/ PLE

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Apple

Bryce 7 is available (19,98$ – 50% discount – until August, 16), as well as Bryce 7 Pro (49,98$ for the discount periode, and 29,96$ for the upgrade from Bryce 6). We can also download a free Personal Learning Edition (for non commercial use).

Dragon’s lair : iOS4 update

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Games
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A Dragon’s lair update is finally available at the AppStore, that brings compatibility with iOS4.

NI Komplete 7

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Audio
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Native Instruments announced Komplete 7, that includes 5 new instruments and effects and 12 Kontakt samples libraries (90 Gb total). It is priced 559$ (worth more than 3000$), and a 60$ voucher is included.

Yamaha : new Motif soon

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Audio
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Yamaha will likely unveil a new Motif  (XF) in a few days, as supposed by this teaser. It may include Flash memory to store samples.

Best Service presents Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices, that notably brings new voices/choirs samples to previous Ethno World 4 library (20 Gb total now). An Intel mac is required (Kontakt Player 4) and it is priced 449 euros (149 euros for the upgrade). Stunning and very long audio demos are available.

As planned, Apple updated iMacs, with 512Mb HD 5670 graphics card for second 21,5′ model and 1Gb HD 5750 for higher ones. The entry level iMac uses the previously mid-range HD4670 (only 256 Mb) instead of 9400M chipset. Core 2 Duo processors are replaced by Core i3 (with hyperthreading for all – and tubo boost starting to the second model).