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Priced the same as Yamaha KX8, the new version (gray metal) of Fatar/Studiologic VMK 188 Plus seems to provide (from most reviews) a more evolved action (Fatar TP40GH), while the KX8 only features a standard Graded Hammer (high end Yamaha digital pianos use the third generation, GH3). From a user review, the Yamaha KX8 touch is very lighter and its keys looking and texture aren’t as nice (fingers tend to slip from the black keys). The Studiologic VMK 188 Plus action is also said to be more pleasant than with the old SL880. The Fatar weights 20 kg vs 15 for the KX8 (the later is made of plastic only).

A video is available here. We can find the VMK 188 Plus at 479 euros. A problem has been reported on a unit (where white keys response wasn’t homogeneous), however the overall quality seems better than with previous models. A 76 notes version (VMK 176, 18 kg) is also available.

One of the most acclaimed master keyboard was the Roland A-80, that was released in 1989 and weighted 30 kg ! (was priced more than 1500$). We can watch a video here, featuring a nice song that uses piano samples from Reason.

Many very positive articles about Snow Leopard emerged in the online Press these last days (and are referenced at Apple site), among those the NY Times one. We discover here some less known new features :

Icons can now be 512 pixels (several inches) square, turning any desktop window into a light table for photos. You can page through a PDF document or watch a movie right on a file’s icon. (see this video).

You can now record your screen activity as a movie — fantastic for tutorials. (video here).

When you rename an icon on an alphabetically sorted desktop, it visibly slides into its new alphabetic position so you can see where it went. (typical example of Core Animation implicit animation mode).

About security, the XProtect component do not just ask confirmation when opening a downloaded application for the first time : it now also maintains a list of known trojans (two at this time), and displays a warning message if we click on a package that contains one of these. However it only works if the image/package has been downloaded with a software that sets the extended property (see details at Sophos site). Then this protection isn’t yet available for content downloaded using BitTorrent, or for files accessed through an USB key or network sharing.

Logic Studio 9 review

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Audio
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A review of Logic 9 Studio is available at Macworld. Moreover it seems more and more likely that the Express version doesn’t include Space Designer and Delay Designer (and only provides a limited version of Multipressor), nor supports surround, nor includes EVP88, EVB3, EVD6 and Sculpture instruments.

MJ Style album includes 10 exclusive songs (Master 6, 1996) and two remix versions (2004). The release name reflects the main song in the album (in the same manner the next album – master 7, 1997 – will be named EMO. Its cover artwork is still done). Once available, samples will be provided through the Zimbalam player or directly from iTunes if installed (with probably a better sound for the later). The player will indeed display a link to the album page at iTunes Music Store (priced 9,99$). The songs list and player can be found here.

Best Service TITAN demo

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Audio
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A demo of Best Service TITAN is provided here (326 Mb). It includes 12 multi-samples (5500 in the full version), and the player works in an unlimited mode (can import external samples – up to 24).

A new 0.9 version of CP2JavaWS is available :


– slight changes to the master/detail view, that is now fully compatible with the new CPTableView (that has been merged in the master branch). Compatibility with the older 0.71 version remains.

– now automatically adds an image background for the tableView columns’s headers when creating a master/detail view.

– added support for sorting to the tableView (the logic was still available in the CPTableViewDelegate and remote generic DAO service, however the new CPTableView does not yet implement sortDescriptors creation and change notification) : a CP2JavaWS category has been added to CPTableHeaderView, in order to manage mouse click in the the header view, and then set the current sort descriptor and send the sortDescriptorsDidChange notification to the tableView’s delegate.

Note : the header background does not reflect yet the sort order (no arrow).

The online demo has been updated.

J-34 before MJ Style

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Music / Movies
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Starting September, 30, MJ Style album (1996) will be released on all (worldwide) ITMS (and exclusively).
The registration process through Zimbalam is very comprehensive : producer name besides artist/band name (members can be listed), name of composer(s) and author(s) for each song (instrumental checkbox provided if author not relevant), detailed choice of stores (and areas), special indication/remix available besides song name, choice of pricing policy (Front, back, etc.) and targeted release date. The site (user personnal space) is really great (clear, with Ajax contextual help and verifying, very fast upload with progress bar).

Native Instruments presents SCARBEE PRE-BASS, a 2,9 Gb samples bass library (Fender Precision bass) based on Scarbee Blue Bass. The Kontakt Player 3.5 engine provides automatic switch of articulation (mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace notes) depending on the playing. Audio demos are available. It is priced 89$.

Snow Leopard will ship August, 28

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Apple
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The AppleStore did close for some hours and just reopened : MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard release date is confirmed, it will ship starting August, 28, that is some weeks ahead of expectations !

CP2JavaWS : exponential grow

Posted: August 24, 2009 in IT/Dev

Since the full version of Direct2CP mode (and the online demo hosted on AppEngine), the number of downloads of CP2JavaWS at Sourceforge has been growing exponentially (still 85 for the first three weeks of August).
We can see the whole statistics page of the project since its launch early January.

Sonoma WireWorks presents InstantDrummer for iPhone (at the introductory price of 0,99$). This software includes 130Mb of drum loops (43 loops) with adjustable tempo, intensity and ambience, and 11 variations. A sequencer allows to assemble steps, and the result can be exported through Wifi. Mastering effects (EQ and compressor) are included. A video is available.

Logic Express 9 released

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Audio
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Logic Express 9 is available (24h shipping delay in US store).