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iTunes 12 Days of Christmas

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Apple
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For the 4th day of iTunes 12 Days of Christmas, a free song is provided. The previous day we could download Trivial Pursuit for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Unreal Engine 3 on iPhone 3GS

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Games
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While Unreal Engine 3 (or at least UT3 that is based on it) isn’t yet available on mac, an iPhone 3GS version of the engine has been presented ! We can then expect porting of even more complex games than NOVA.

Inferno game (that reminds in some way Gauntlet) is provided for free today at the AppStore. It includes 50 levels, and was priced 0,99$. We can watch a video here.

Pac Man Championship Edition is now priced  0,99$ (base/extendable version), Seed 1-Rise of Darkness’s RPG is free, and F.A.S.T is also provided for free (downloadable content can be purchased).

Native Instruments provides HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 (Compilation Vol. 2 Library once installed), a selection of 40 free patchs for Kore Player (661 Mb of samples). The installer requires an Intel mac, however we just have to modify the script in distribution.dist file (open the package) in order for it to install on PPC mac.

We can listen to audio demos here and watch a great video there (28 minutes length, that demoes all of the 40 patchs, with great stereo sound quality and large image size).

Pro Tools HD 8.0.3 update is available here for Intel mac. It brings support for Snow Leopard, however it still run with 32 bits kernel mode only. In fact 64 bits kernel mode doesn’t provide significant performance gain, and larger memory adressing can be achieved using a separate 64 bits cli Unix process (memory server), as used in Kontakt and other players. Moreover 64 bits kernel requires updated audio cards drivers.

Bryce 3.5 update

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Apple
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A 6.3 update to Bryce is available. It brings the following features : many bug fixes, now supports Snow Leopard, full universal binary (previously some PPC code was left and had to be emulated through Rosetta on Intel mac).

The mac version of Star Wars The Force Unleashed : Ultimate Sith Edition is in preorder (5$ discount), and will then be available very soon (before late December).