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The RC2 of Flash Player 10.1 is downloadable here. We have to uninstall Flash before, using the provided uninstaller. It will be the last version compatible with PowerPC.

Corona SDK for iPhone

Posted: February 10, 2010 in IT/Dev
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Ansca company (founded by formers Adobe mobile engineers !) presents Corona, a development environment for iPhone that uses a proprietary SDK based on Lua language (scripting language widely used for games), a compiler (requires an Intel mac) and a simulator (that also works on PowerPC).

Among SDK’s features we note an OpenGL ES accelerated graphics engine, video support, as well as accelerometer, touch and camera support. A command-line debugger is provided. Multiple platofms support is planned. The compiler produces very small binaries..

A 30 days trial is available.
The full version (99$) includes a one-year membership to the Corona Developer Program, that allows to deploy to AppStore, and provides free SDK updates. It is stated however that compiling requires membership, so it may have to be renewed each year.

Logic Pro 9 (and then Logic Express 9) indeed works perfectly on a PowerPC mac (universal binary application). Moreover it seems performing ways better than Logic 8 (by using more efficiently distributed load accross CPU cores), so running it on a G4 shouldn’t be a problem :
For the record, LP9 is up and running on my G5 Quad. While I’ve yet to fully test functionality or Mainstage 2 fort hat matter, I can say that the upgrade process ran smoothly.
I’m editing a large project at the moment and I’ve not yet run into any issues. One thing I can say is that all 4 processors in my Quad seem to be better utilized than under LP8. Load looks very evenly distributed.

PPC and Logic 9 works…trust me. I’m running it right now– and I’ve worked on three large projects just today.
In terms of MASSIVE performance improvements; I’m a bit stumped. My G5 Quad is running at about half CPU in a plugin intensive session containing about 46 tracks (32 MIDI). Disk I/O load is also about nill. Memory is at about 75% utilization.

UPDATE : as stated through below links, Logic Express is Intel binary only starting 9.1.1 update (the updates won’t apply on PowerPC).