Logic Studio & Express 9

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Audio
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AppleĀ unveiled Logic Studio 9 et Logic Express 9. As we can see Logic Express gains most of the Studio verison features and plugins : FlexTime, advanced Midi and audio editing, surround mix, AmpDesigner (25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, 3 mics), Pedalboard (30 stompboxes), SpaceDesigner, EXS24 (the whole install now requires 8 Gb, however sound effects and surround sounds from the Studio version aren’t included). The Sculpture instrument also does not seem to be provided in the Express version.

The specifications page states that Logic Express and Studio now require an Intel mac, however it might still work on a PowerPC (if universal binary), despite it not being officially supported.

  1. Logic Pro 9 (and then Logic Express 9) indeed works perfectly on a PPC mac (universal binary application). Moreover it seems performing ways better than Logic 8, so running it on a G4 shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. The Logic Express What’s new section features a picture of Space Designer. However in Garageband to Logic Express page the pictures featuring Space Designer (and Delay Designer and EVD6) are titled with Logic Studio.
    This is misleading information (error in site layout ?), as it would be logical that Express 9 do not include (LE8 didn’t) the advanced plugins like Space Designer (we however already know that it doesn’t include Sculpture).

  3. Despite various informations (here and there) about Logic 9 not working on PPC (or at least only on G5 – not on G4), we can find a procedure to install it on a PPC.

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