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Linear D2 samples library update adds new sounds (4x larger size) and a new demo (mp4 format, also ogg version).

These long looped Kontakt instruments were sampled from Roland D-20’s custom patches, based on its unique  resonant filter (finer grain than D-50’s one, that can’t reproduce these).

A new version of crossover is available, that fixes the Steam update problem (a temporary fix had been available here). You may backup stemApps folder before updating (as it may require creating a new bottle if Crossover application replacement does not work).

Logic Pro / Express 9.1.8 updates

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Audio
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Apple provides 9.1.8 updates to Logic Pro and Logic Express through Mac App Store application (see release notes here and there).

Logic Express 9.1.6 update

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Audio
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Apple provides a 9.1.6 update to Logic Express (160 MB), that may bring the same fixes and enhancements than the corresponding Logic Pro version available at the Mac App Store.

Native Instruments provides a free Retro Machines MKII serial number for owners of original version. The library includes 3,7 Gb of samples (1 Gb in original Retro Machines) and Kontakt 5 player is required. We can listen to stunning audio demos here.

Logic 9.1.5 update

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Audio
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A 9.1.5 update to Logic Pro and Logic Express is available here and there. It notably enhances compatibility with Apogee Duet 2. Logic is compatible with OSX Lion since version 9.1.4.

Hype 1.0.2 update

Posted: June 4, 2011 in IT/Dev
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A 1.0.2 update to Hype is available at the Mac App Store. It fixes the save problem.

Fairlight 1.0.1 update

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Audio
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A 1.0.1 update to Fairlight application for iPhone and iPad is available at the AppStore. It brings the following new features and bug fixes :
– Player App without Pro upgrade can now edit loop settings of Fairlight voices and edit the default instrument (as intended – this was a bug)
– Improvement in Page R note drawing speed
– Some minor improvements to MIDI status display
– New option to disable sleeping
– Extra, more obvious, “All voices” button on Page 2
– “Player” added to the icon
– (Pro only) Able to export personal voices as .VCX (CMI extended) voice files
– (Pro only) Able to import .VC and .VCX CMI voice files

– MIDI pitch bend fixed in instrument page and Page R
– In-app feature matrix MIDI fixed
– iPad occasional green-dot-on-black-screen fixed
– corrections to some voice info
– Fix playback stopping mid-note when using Page R onscreen keyboard

Native Instruments provides (though Service Center or online User area) 1.1.1 update to FM8 and 1.2.1 update to Massive, that bring 64 bits support and enhancements/fixes.

Kontakt 4.2.2 update

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Audio
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The 4.2.2 update to Kontakt 4 (full version/player) is available. It can be downloaded through Service Center (480 Mb). It brings the following new features :

New binary file format for increased saving/loading performance
– New zero-latency convolution engine with optimized performance for low-latency settings
– Revised master output section with presets and advanced macro functions
– Numerical parameter value input for all knobs
– New Import formats: Akai MPC 5000, Alesis Fusion, Drumagog, Korg Triton, Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif
– Mac OS X: 64 Bit VST support
– Mac OS X: 64 Bit support for Rex import
– Resource Container for efficient library handling
– New KSP syncing commands

Here is a detailed procedure to update Yellow Tools Software Suite (Independence Pro, Independence Live, Independence FX) from version 2.5.4 to version 3.0, and to create a new (required) license file for the installed library (Basic or Pro) :

– In the My Account/Products section of the Yellow Tools’s site User Area (once connected), enter the serial number for the new 3.0 version (has been received by email after the free update request email sent to yellow tools support).
Then from My Account/Downloads section download Yellow Tools Software Suite 3.0 and Yellow Tools Independence Basic (or another, required as it contains the updated instrument files – layers – for 3.0 version).

– Launch the installer from Yellow Tools Software Suite 3.0 archive. It replaces the applications from Applications folder by the new 3.0 ones, as well as the YT E-License Manager. The installer also creates a Yellow Tools folder under Library/Appliction Support (system), that contains the applicative part (Independence subfolder), however not yet the licences subfolder stated in the documentation. The Library/Application Support/Yellow Tools/Independence/images files folder contains the common image files (Autoload Sinus, Origami, Special and vinyle noise).

– Create a new folder to store the new layers and images files from the library (can be named Independence Basic config), and create layers and image files subfolders.

Expand the downloaded Yellow Tools Independence, and copy its layers content into the newly created layers folder. Then copy the image files from the old Yellow Tools Root Folder (only the files corresponding to the library, not the common ones) in the new image files folder.

Launch Independence Pro 3.0, and in the Libraries tab from Preferences, click on Add Library button and select the newly created folder for the library (Independence Basic config for example). Click on save preferences and quit Independence.

– Relaunch Independence 3.0 and click on Activate Independence Pro button (if not activated, a message will be displayed in Mapping and Performance tabs, stating that the software does not run in Pro mode, with also a link to register it). The E-Licence Manager then opens and displays a generated product code for Independence Software Suite 3.0. Copy this code in the My Account/Products section of the site, after having clicked on Activate button for Independence Software Suite 3.0 line. Wait a few seconds (if the activation server is down, wait for some minutes and try again, or later). When the page displays a success message, get the response code (has been emailed) and paste it in the E-Licence Manager.

The Library/Application Support/Yellow Tools/licenses subfolder is then created and contains the license (.lic) for Independence Software Suite 3.0.

– Relaunch Independence 3.0 (the Pro features are then available). Load an instrument, which opens the E-License Manager to create a new license file for the ibrary : the displayed/generated product code does not match the one that had been provided during the initial install of the library (2.5.4 version), however we can replace it with the previous product code, and enter the corresponding response code (that had been emailed during the initial install). The license file for the library is then created in Library/Application Support/Yellow Tools/licenses (the previous license file for the library – from the old Yellow Tools Root folder – couldn’t be used). However the license count for the library is left unchanged on the site (one per computer).

Activating the library also creates a Yellow Tools folder in the connected user’s Documents folder (its path is setted in User Folders tab of Independence Preferences). It contains a layers folder (without any instruments) and no image files (these are searched again the path specified in Libraries tab of Preferences).

10.6.5 update available

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Apple
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The MacOSX 10.6.5 update is available through software update (also a combo update).