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Since Kontakt 4, the Akkord Guitar  module has been revamped down. The pattern editor isn’t available and provided presets don’t cover the whole list from Kontakt 2.

In fact all patterns settings are still there (in the script), however the pattern knob only give access to 24 of these.

By going to script tab from editing instrument, then clicking on Edit, we can see the script by selecting “Apply from” drop list and selecting “Editor/Patch”.

The whole original patterns data are stored in tabs that store corresponding style, velocity and duration values for each pattern’s step. Each tab (pattern_x_style, pattern_x_velo, pattern_x_dur) stores 16 patterns data. Also there are 4 tabs (pattern_1_style to pattern_4_style, the same for velocity and duration) then 64 patterns.

The target pattern (that is number 0 to 63, mapped along 4 tabs) is computed using two indirections. The index (position) of the pattern knob (0-23) is a mapped to (corresponding value in pattern_helper_new tab) an index from pattern_helper_tab, whose corresponding value is the pattern position. For example first knob position (that is value 0 in pattern_helper_new tab) maps to first entry in pattern_helper_tab, whose value is the pattern number.

I modified first values in  pattern_helper_tab (patterns 43, 42, 27, 56, 57, 58,59). The corresponding pattern for position 58 is wonderwall (see declaration in pattern_4 tabs), as 58/16 = 3 (tab1 corresponds to 0, tab2 to 1, etc.) and remaining is 10 (that is 10th entry in tab4 following the first one).

Then by clicking apply and changing pattern knob position up and back (for changes to be applied) the new patterns are available (their names however aren’t updated). The updated settings can be saved when closing the instrument (save a new one).

Update : loading a Kontakt 2 project into a more recent Kontakt version, the Akkord Guitar pattern editor is available.