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Cjed EMO album released

Posted: March 16, 2017 in Music / Movies

jeromedenanotCjed’s EMO album is now available through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer.

Starwars movies on iTunes

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Music / Movies
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Starwars movies are now available at iTunes (HD resolution, $19 per movie, that is more expensive than BluRay versions from 2011).

There is still to know whether these are the same versions as the remastered ones from 2007 (whose modified colors looked saturated and required gamma change), and whether the HD resolution brings more details compared to the DVD edition.

Also a rumored Starwars Celebration next week could unveil a new/real trailer of Starwars 7, whose release is planned this December.

Katie Melua’s new Ketevan (her real firstname) album, that was released recently, didn’t indeed impress, while it was intended as a return to the style that made her famous : always same singing mimics, no real musical theme, not convincing at all. Call of the search, Piece by Piece and following concerts two exclusive songs are still the best.

We can however read interesting interviews here and there (in french) where she still is an humble artist besides looking nice.

New Stone Ship album has been added at Emotuned.

A new release, Symphonic Colors, has been added at Emotuned. It features songs that use various strings libraries.


Beside funding project at Indiegogo, a new project has been created at Rockethub.

By supporting the project you will allow more content, faster loading and more space for artists releases.


A new release featuring 12 piano live ballades has been added at Emotuned.

The first song, Guit Bal, was composed/recorded live using Roland FP7-F  Supernatural piano (only one edited note over the 4 min length song). The drums part  is based on Superior Drummer and Studio Drummer sounds. Other songs use Roland Complete Piano card and Symphonic Orchestra.