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On the The GameAgent blog we can find an article about porting Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition on mac, from the console version code : dispatching on a fewer number of threads, rewriting of code based on permute (not available on Intel SSE), in order to use more common vector instructions.
Indeed, contrary to G4’s Altivec, that manages permute since 1999 (PS3’s Cell processors also include Altivec), Intel won’t provide similar vector unit until next processors generation (Sandy Bridge), that will bring AVX.

Intel AVX expected late 2010

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Apple
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Intel confirmed that its Sandy Bridge platform will be launched next fall : it will finally bring the AVX vector engine, similar to G4’s Altivec (that was launched in 1999…)

Apple valued more than Google

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Apple
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After having announced record results (with a gross margin of 36 percents), Apple’s value now exceeds Google’s one (140 billions $ vs 135). We are waiting for next generation of Intel processors that will bring the new AVX vector engine, in order to finally get the audio (and video) processing power that have still been provided by Motorola G4’s Altivec for 10 years. I was present at its launch during the 1999 keynote at Paris’s Palais des Sports (Apple and Bungie also unveiled during the show the first video of Halo… that was planned for mac only – that was before Microsoft acquired Bungie) !