Since Kontakt 4, the Akkord Guitar  module has been revamped down. The pattern editor isn’t available and provided presets don’t cover the whole list from Kontakt 2.

In fact all patterns settings are still there (in the script), however the pattern knob only give access to 24 of these.

By going to script tab from editing instrument, then clicking on Edit, we can see the script by selecting “Apply from” drop list and selecting “Editor/Patch”.

The whole original patterns data are stored in tabs that store corresponding style, velocity and duration values for each pattern’s step. Each tab (pattern_x_style, pattern_x_velo, pattern_x_dur) stores 16 patterns data. Also there are 4 tabs (pattern_1_style to pattern_4_style, the same for velocity and duration) then 64 patterns.

The target pattern (that is number 0 to 63, mapped along 4 tabs) is computed using two indirections. The index (position) of the pattern knob (0-23) is a mapped to (corresponding value in pattern_helper_new tab) an index from pattern_helper_tab, whose corresponding value is the pattern position. For example first knob position (that is value 0 in pattern_helper_new tab) maps to first entry in pattern_helper_tab, whose value is the pattern number.

I modified first values in  pattern_helper_tab (patterns 43, 42, 27, 56, 57, 58,59). The corresponding pattern for position 58 is wonderwall (see declaration in pattern_4 tabs), as 58/16 = 3 (tab1 corresponds to 0, tab2 to 1, etc.) and remaining is 10 (that is 10th entry in tab4 following the first one).

Then by clicking apply and changing pattern knob position up and back (for changes to be applied) the new patterns are available (their names however aren’t updated). The updated settings can be saved when closing the instrument (save a new one).

Native Instruments presents Strummed Acoustic, a 8.5GB acoustic guitar libray that provides strumming patterns (as was Kontakt 2’s Akkord guitar) . It is priced EUR99. Audio demos are available.

Avid ProTools First

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Audio
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Avid announced ProTools First, a free version that includes most ProTools features : XPand2 synth plugin, Midi editor, Elastic pitch and time, 16 tracks recording, 20 effects (including D-Verb) that can be extended through the in-app marketplace, 3 free cloud projects.

Also ProTools 12 was presented, that will include collaborative cloud-based work.

Omnisphere 2

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Audio
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Spectrasonics presented Omnisphere 2, that adds 400 new waveforms, wavetable morphing synthesis, granular synthesis, new filters, 3000 new patches, a new interface and new effects. It is priced $499.

New audio interfaces were announced during winter NAMM :


Also Apogee presented Apogee Groove, a portable USB DAC (asynchronous, ESS Sabre DAC, 4 DACs per channel)

A few days after having replaced an Intel 320 160GB SSD with a Crucial M500 480 GB into my mac mini (mid 2010), the fan was going to run at maximum speed (that is 5500 rpm) time to time, wihtout any reason (the computer was cold, also reported by sensors). Using free MacFans control the HD termal sensor indeed seemed to work fine (SSD temperature ranges from 27°C to 40 °C), or it may be that the software also uses Smart informations (that is temperature reported from SSD internal sensor).

The SMC reset (unplung the mac mini for 15s, then plug it, wait 5s and finally power it up) didn’t helped. It seemed that playing games under Windows 7 (through Bootcamp) leader to more and more fan overuns. It was the same under Mavericks, then not Yosemite related.

I also noticed that the PSU (power unit) temperature was somewhat high (58 to 65°C) – didn’t remember that before -, however some reported even higher values for other mac models.

I finally ended using MacFan Controls (added to launch items), set to manage fan speed based on CPU temperature sensor, with 65°C as start for speed increase and 85°C for max allowed temperature (that is max fan speed). I may however change these values to 70/90°C as the mac is colder than before with these settings when playing games (I also uses the Windows version of MacFan controls).

OSX Yosemite slowdown fix

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Apple
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Yosemite’s UI slowdown seems partly due to too many interrputs coming from ACPI kernel driver.

sudo powermetrics -s interrupts

These news were reported by VMWare and Parallels :

It seems running OSX in debug mode (does not have any hit on performance) allows retrieving some speed (despite not at a Mavericks level) :

sudo nvram boot-args=”debug=0x10″

Also OSX Lion leaded to slow UI performance (same 10 times slower than previous Snow Leopard), that was fixed  by Mountain Lion. We wonder then whether we will have to wait for OSX 10.11 to retrieve acceptable performance or Apple is preparing a fix for next Yosemite update.

Update : there weren’t many interrupts per second (1 to 20) on mac mini (mid-2010) and adding the boot args didn’t helped (only 10 percent performance more in Quartz and OpenGL, no improvement in UI speed results). To remove the boot options, use this command :

sudo nvram boot-args=””

After removing these options some of the slight improvements were still present, however I ended with installing Mavericks back on another drive (as its UI is 10 times faster and OpenGL is 50 percent faster – I also now play games under Windows 7 through Bootcamp).