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Crossover free

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Games
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As it did some yeas ago, Codeweavers is providing Crossover for free for a day. It is the full 11.3.1 version, with 12 months support and updates.

IK Multimedia also provides Total Sudio 3 bundle at 250$/200 euros (additional 40 euros VAT for EU).

It includes SampleTank 2.5 XL, Sonik Synth 2, Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleMoog, SampleTron, all the 15 Xpansion Tank 2 Multi-Sampled Instrument Collections, Amplitube 3, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, Amplitube Metal, CSR – Classik Studio Reverb and T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mastering Suite (that is 80 percent discount).

Finally the Gear credits group buy reached more than 2000 sales, then offering 3 credits packs (same as the purchased one) : that is for 15 euros (20 credits pack) you get 80 credits total, and for 30 euros – 45 credits pack – (additional 6 euros VAT) you get 180  credits. High ends amps are available for 30 credits, while items are average 15 credits.

Apple : executives reorganization

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Apple
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Scott Forstal was forced to leave Apple after the iOS6’s new Maps application problems (great interface and 3D vector rendering – lighter than Google’s -, however data weren’t all reliable). He originated the iOS era (from Core Animation to WebKit’s CSS effects, and more recently Siri and Maps) however there wasn’t much innovating recently in UI design (notably iOS features added to OSX – like the launchBar – didn’t brought real value).

Since Micosoft’s new system (merging desktop and mobile, and inspired from Apple’s old Hypercard from 1988, and OpenDoc from mid-90s), Apple had to rethink its UI design strategy. Moreover there was strong competition with other lead members.

Then Jonathan Ive will take leadership and direction for Human Interface besides his role as leader of Industrial Design.  Eddy Cue will manage Siri and Maps (also iTunes Store, the App Store and iCloud). Craig Federighi will manage both iOS and OSX, and Bob Mansfield will lead the wireless team.

F1 2012 announced for mac

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Games
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Feral Interactive announced F1 2012 for mac. It will run on Nvidia 320M/Intel HD3000. A video is available here.

Cocoa to Cappuccino tutorial

Posted: October 28, 2012 in IT/Dev
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At slevenbits blog we can find an article about porting a Cocoa component (here a custom NSBox – with editable title) into a Cappuccino one. As expected, it only consists in replacing NS suffix with CP, pointer * sign, and modifying imports. Also in the example the event management (box title editing) is easier, as Cappuccino benefits from the textField html element provided by the browser (with Cocoa we have to determine the editing area and use a fieldEditor).

Shade 3D for Unity announced

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Games

New Shade 3D for Unity has been announced. It will be provided soon for free at the Mac App Store. There is still to know whether it will require a license for commercial use (it states personal use), as it is the case with Unreal free tools suite, and if it includes same features as Shade 3D basic (priced 45 euros).

IK Multimedia provides SampleTank2L for 29.99$ / 24.99 euros until October, 30 (35% discount). It includes 349 samples based presets (2,11 GB).

Best Service provides 25% discount on these listed Guitar samples libraries. We can then get (among other) Ministry of Rock 2 for 285 euros, V-Metal for 186,75 euros, SR5 Rock Bass for 89,25 euros, and Electri6ity for 269,25 euros.