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Logic Pro / Express 9.1.8 updates

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Audio
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Apple provides 9.1.8 updates to Logic Pro and Logic Express through Mac App Store application (see release notes here and there).

Logic Express / Pro 9.1.2

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Audio
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A 9.1.2 update is available for Logic Express and Logic Pro.

Apple provides an article about optimizing multi-core balancing in Logic.

Apple provides a 9.1.1 update to Logic Pro (downloadable here – 192 Mb, not available through Software Update) and Logic Express (139 Mb, there). Logic Express now also supports 64 bit mode and longer than 32 characters flenames. However the installer won’t install the update on PowerPC : in fact when we extract the app from the package using Pacifist, we discover that it is now Intel only (not Universal Binary).

Logic Pro’s 32bit Audio Unit bridge’s stability has been enhanced.

AppleĀ unveiled Logic Studio 9 et Logic Express 9. As we can see Logic Express gains most of the Studio verison features and plugins : FlexTime, advanced Midi and audio editing, surround mix, AmpDesigner (25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, 3 mics), Pedalboard (30 stompboxes), SpaceDesigner, EXS24 (the whole install now requires 8 Gb, however sound effects and surround sounds from the Studio version aren’t included). The Sculpture instrument also does not seem to be provided in the Express version.

The specifications page states that Logic Express and Studio now require an Intel mac, however it might still work on a PowerPC (if universal binary), despite it not being officially supported.