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Alchemy Mobile for iOS

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Audio
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Camel Audio presents Alchemy Mobile Synth App for iOS, an iOS version of Alchemy player. It is bundled with 25 sounds (additional 25 sounds after registering at the site) and 25 loops, and allows morphing between the 6 variations using touch. The keyboard width is adjustable, and multiple instruments can be recorded using freeze feature.
A Pro version is available (19,99$). It includes 150 sounds, 50 loops, and allows remote control of desktop Alchemy player’s parameters. Additional libraries are available through in-app purchase (50 sounds each, 4,99$). A video is provided.

Shadowgun / Dark Meadow

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Games
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Shadowgun, that uses Unity engine, is announced this September, 28 (we can watch a video here). It provides 30fp on iPhone 4, and 60 fps on iPad2 (and then on iPhone 5).

We can also watch a video of Dark Meadow, based on U3 engine and expected this October.

Another World available

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Games

Another World is available at the App Store (4,99$).
I discovered and completed the game back in 1992 (without any help, and also wrote a walkthrough), while completing the 23 songs from Masters 3A and 3B (in 3 weeks only).

Roland R-Mix

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Audio
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Roland presents R-Mix, an audio software for mac, PC and iPad. It allows to display a representation of harmonic components from a stereo mix, edit their level, pan, pitch, speed, and to apply effects/noise cancel. Among common uses are remix, karaoke, or study of a particular instrument. A video is available, however the price isn’t announced yet.

Sonivox provides lite versions of its orchestral libraries as DVI (Downloadable Virtual Instruments) plugins, notably Symphonic Ensemble Strings (79,95$), derived from the famous Symphonic String Collection (498 euros at bestservice / 995$ at Sonivox site), Symphonic Ensemble Brass. We can also find Fender Precision Bass (29,95$), Les Paul Guitar (22,95$), Session Drums 2 (29,95$), Soundstage (99$). Moreover full versions are downloadable for 3 days try.
Among composer libraries we can discover Eighty Eight – Grand Piano (199$), a Steinway CD 327 grand that features 16 velocity layers (11 Gb) and realistic/powerful sounding in high octaves.

Native Instruments provides a free Retro Machines MKII serial number for owners of original version. The library includes 3,7 Gb of samples (1 Gb in original Retro Machines) and Kontakt 5 player is required. We can listen to stunning audio demos here.

Another World 20th anniversay edition is expected on iOS this September, 22 (4,99$). This new version presents both HD graphics and original ones (we can switch between both modes with two fingers as with Monkey Island) and fine-tuned controls (easy to use finger directions or basic virtual pad). Moreover an easier difficulty settings is allowed (now the normal one, there are also Hard and Harder settings).
We can still watch a video here.