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A new 1.1 version of CP2JavaWS (Cappuccino to remote Java services framework) is available here. It includes the following new features/enhancements :

– Added Basic Authentication scheme besides Digest, and a generic Active Directory/Ldap authentication service (automatic check of user password and retrieve of its profiles related to the application from the directory, that are then stored on the client side’s endpoint for UI conditional display – besides being used on the server side from the authorization service).

– global authentication to an endpoint (in order to allow connect/disconnect menu for login/logout) besides per service check, by calling a dummy service listed in authenticated services (needed to keep – not duplicate – authentication process managed by the authentication filter).

– better error management, and easy to read full server error trace in the client’s alert window.

– parameter to set the encoding information sent from the Json filter to the client (depends from encoding used in custom services and/or database).

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Posted: September 16, 2010 in IT/Dev

Here is a (partial) list of references to CP2JavaWS : (referenced in a slide) (at 26 minutes) (Java link)

And many other links :

CP2JavaWS 1.0.2 update

Posted: June 21, 2010 in IT/Dev
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A new release (1.0.2) of CP2JavaWS is available. It fixes the following bugs :

– number attributes having 0 as a value or boolean attributes set to false weren’t encoded by CP2JSCoder.

– CPDictionary now requires string type for keys : fixed relating problem in CPRemoteService and CP2JavaWSHttpSender.

– Generated textField (Direct2CP mode) for object’s attributes whose type is number was set initially with the right number object, however it was returned (by the field) as a string once edited, leading to a wrong type. Fixed CP2JavaWSDetailView to convert the string back to a number when setting the modified value on the object.

– Fixed a problem with references path encoding : now uses a IdentityHashMap (see CP2JavaWSJSONUtils).

– Now manages Enum (see CP2JavaWSJSONUtils).

Thanks to Dimitris Tsitses for his main contributing in this update.

The plugins architecture for Atlas has finally been unveiled, the first example being integrating of MapKit framework (a video tutorial is provided). However the interest seems more obvious to frameworks that produce visual content (view). Indeed, a “transparent” bridge like CP2JavaWS seems closer to existing Atlas’s RSS, Facebook and Twitter controllers. Such controller for CP2JavaWS would be somewhat limited :

  • dragging a link from a graphical control (button, etc.) to the controller, then entering (in the controller’s inspector) of endpoint url, remote service name, and input arguments (or dragg from controls that provide such values). The result would be two added lines in the code : retrieving of the enpoint and remote service’s proxy, and remote method call on that proxy.
  • generating of a Master/Detail page, by entering description of a remote business object (its class and attributes), url of an endpoint that provides a CRUD service (Direct2CP). The result would also be two added lines in the coded : retrieving of the endpoint, and instanciating of a CP2JavaWSMasterDetail composite view.

It seems then that actual way of using CP2JavaWS is faster (and at least as easy) than using a plugin. Such extension would be more likely in full/wider MDA approach.

A new release (1.0.1) of CP2JavaWS is available. It adds support for Cappuccino 0.8 (won’t work with previous versions – use CP2JavaWS 1.0 for these).

Note : when creating a tableView manually, and setting CP2JavaWSTableViewDelegate as the delegate,
we now have to define the sortDescriptor on each column, for example :
[column setSortDescriptorPrototype:[[CPSortDescriptor alloc] initWithKey:[column identifier] ascending:true]];
This is done automatically when using Direct2CP mode (see CP2JavaWSMasterDetailView).

Documentation :

The Cappuccino/Java bridge, CP2JavaWS, follows its growth, and now reaches 150 downloads a month. It has been completed in late November, however it will be maintained as Cappuccino evolves (and may be included as an Atlas plugin).

The final version (1.0) of CP2JavaWS is available :

Added support for service protocol (CP class with methods signatures) specifying when retrieving a proxy, in order to allow :
– arguments type check
– nil arguments values (the expected type can then be retireved from the protocol – required for Java reflect)
– generic methods arguments (CPObject in CP, Object in Java)

Renamed HabiltationService/Filter to AuthorizationService/Filter.

Bug fix in CP2JavaWSJSONPConnection (synch. with latest code since addition of URL class).

MasterDetailView now uses alternating row color for table view, and background for detail view .

Note : documentation has been moved to MediaWiki.