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Cappuccino’s Atlas on-browser editor will be finally unveiled at London FOWA, October 1, at 12am ! In the schedule entry we can read :

Trust us, it’s going to blow your mind¬†ūüôā

Snow Leopard will ship August, 28

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Apple
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The AppleStore did close for some hours and just reopened : MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard release date is confirmed, it will ship starting August, 28, that is some weeks ahead of expectations !

Apple¬†unveiled Logic Studio 9 et Logic Express 9. As we can see Logic Express gains most of the Studio verison features and plugins : FlexTime, advanced Midi and audio editing, surround mix, AmpDesigner (25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, 3 mics), Pedalboard (30 stompboxes), SpaceDesigner, EXS24 (the whole install now requires 8 Gb, however sound effects and surround sounds from the Studio version aren’t included). The Sculpture instrument also does not seem to be provided in the Express version.

The specifications page states that Logic Express and Studio now require an Intel mac, however it might still work on a PowerPC (if universal binary), despite it not being officially supported.

Return to Mysterious Island is finally available at the AppStore (priced 4,99$). The game archive to download weights 263 Mb (that is a third Myst size). First reviews are very positive (we can also read a review of the PC version here).
The sequel, Return to Mysterious Island 2, is planned soon, and also on iPhone (the game will feature a PC/iPhone savegames synchronization feature, in order to play/resume the game both on PC and iPhone).

Myst for iPhone available soon

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Games
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While a video of the iPhone’s Myst version is appearing at Youtube (is removed shortly thereafter) we¬†learn that this version is reaching completion and will be available soon at the AppStore. Images are said to have been rendered again in 32 bits (original ones used dithering, the optimized palette contained only a hundred of indexed colors), an automatic-zoom would be included, and interaction with elements uses touch control (for example activation of switchs in the main island), as well as switch of view. Finally the download size is said to be huge due to the high number of media files (weigthed about 500 Mb in the original game – not 32 bits but images resolution was still higher than iPhone screen’s one). The price isn’t known yet.

Multiwinia soon on mac

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Games
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Multiwinia, the multiplayer version of Darwinia, that was highly expected, is announced very soon on mac (it shipped on Windows last September). Ambrosia Software provides new screenshots.
The game is said to work on PowerPC also (but G5, as the requirements state a 2 Ghz processor).