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Pianoteq : Celeste add-on

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Audio
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Modartt presents Celeste (Celesta & Glockenspiel) add-on for Pianoteq. Audio demos are available. It is priced 49 euros.

New album of Sarah McLachlan, Laws of Illusion, has been available for close to two weeks. The sound is great (very warm and strong piano, that reminds Galaxy Vintage D or Roland’s Complete Piano), and one song distinguishes from the whole, Love Come, also provided as a solo piano version.
What seems uncommon is that we can listen to the full songs at deezer.

Spectrum games from a browser

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Games
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The site allows to play Spectrum games from a browser. For year 1988 for example we can find Gauntlet II (choose the Keyboard option for characters control, and then use shift 1 to go up for the first character, Q to go down, S for left, D for right, and Z to fire).

A ZX Spectrum emulator, ZX Nostalgia, appeared at the AppStore (0,99$). It is bundled with 14 games (among those the famous Manic Miner) and allows 100% of original performance, on all iPhone models. Display can be set to portrait or landscape.
The developer stated that a future update will bring an Add buton for in-game purchase of new games. First users reviews report that the provided virtual joystick (that is displayed contextually) isn’t well suited for some games, and that a fixed virtual D-pad option would be required, as well as a virtual keyboard if adventure games are added later.
Games license question (not easy as most companies do not exist anymore, and rights owners often prefer not giving written agreement) is explained further at worldofspectrum site.

Dragon’s Lair does not work anymore since iOS4 update (no controls displayed). We can find a related thread here at EA forums.

Lemmings porting to iPhone

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Games
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The site mobile1up opened a blog about porting Lemmings to iPhone and Palm Pre (from Palm OS). It only took 31 hours !

EastWest provides a 1.0.1 update to Hollywood Strings.