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Cappuccino performance on iPhone isn’t satisfying for now, due to the device’s processing power and limited memory (that are also main reasons for the absence of a full Flash version – besides strategic matters and historic poor peformance of Flash player on mac compared with the Windows version). From the Cappuccino team leader, it appears that WebKit team may have discovered a bug in iPhone’s Safari that leads to an additional parsing of each js file, thus requiring twice the time (moreover that step takes half the whole time of a CP application load). Besides that large improvement area (that could be provided soon through the iPhone 0S3.0 update), the Press tool could filter on a method basis instead of on a whole class basis. Indeed some classes such as CPArray include a hundred of methods, that aren’t likely to be used all in a given application. However this could be problematic with dynamic calls, where used methods aren’t known before execution.

Then it is planned to allow deploying Cappuccino applications targeted for various environments (desktop, mobile). A new archive format (that reminds OSX universal binary concept) will be provided (no compilation however there). The Atlas editor could then produce archives optimized for all devices.

Use of Cappuccino for portable applications is a straight choice however, as if performances are a concern, migrating to iPhone SDK would be easy (same frameworks and concepts).

Return to Mysterious Island is finally available at the AppStore (priced 4,99$). The game archive to download weights 263 Mb (that is a third Myst size). First reviews are very positive (we can also read a review of the PC version here).
The sequel, Return to Mysterious Island 2, is planned soon, and also on iPhone (the game will feature a PC/iPhone savegames synchronization feature, in order to play/resume the game both on PC and iPhone).

Space Ace on iPhone

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Games
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The famous action/adventure game Space Ace (took many disks on Atari/Amiga and provided first time ever full cinematics and digital sounds/soundtrack, all that with interaction, even basic) is available at the AppStore (priced 5,99$). We can watch a video here. We hope soon Bionic Commando from Capcom, and Gauntlet (Atari), to follow on the retro wave (waiting for Marble Madness) !

A trailer of Return to Mysterious Island for iPhone (due this June) is available at youtube. We can also find a video of Ground Effect, and another of Blimp.

Audiofanzine provides a review of Kurzweil PC361 (see the audio and video demos – announced price is 2395$), and an interview/history of the project’s leaders. We notably learn that the PC361 brings back the VA module from the VA1 synth (that was cancelled after Samick acquired Kurzweil in 2004), thanks to original staff return when Hyundai buyed the company later in 2006.
Now Kurzweil has new dealers for all countries (including France), and new projects are being worked on. Meanwhile, a lite version of the PC361, the PC361 LE, is planned. It will provide half the polyphony and simultaneous effects, probably for close to half the price (and probably close to Korg M50 price).

Cappuccino 0.7 available

Posted: May 22, 2009 in IT/Dev
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Cappuccino 0.7 is finally available. It includes many bugs fixes, Aristo theme, checkboxes and radio buttons controls, support for themes (and display modes), CPBezierPath class (so direct calls to CG aren’t required anymore). Moreover nib2cib tool has been enhanced (it however requires OSX – Atlas hasn’t been released yet). The CPTableView component, considered as of alpha status, isn’t included for now.

Sega released on the AppStore the famous Sonic the Hedgehog game (5,99$). It may use a Genesis emulator internally (there still exists one on mac and even on iPhone), as a rom file has been reported inside the game archive. From that video and first reviews, it seems iPhone version isn’t perfectly smooth. However it brings a fullscreen mode, besides the centered native resolution mode (that is however smoother). We can hope some enhancement in that area in future updates.

We can watch a video of the game running through the Genesis4iphone emulator.

A 1.1 update to iPhone’s Flashback game is finally available. It brings the awaited fullscreen mode, and controls have been enhanced (more practical and more precise). An automatic landscape mode switch is also included, and the help has been added in the game.

Moreover is seems we can now install the game throug mobile internet connection (3G/Edge) besides Wifi : Game requires WiFi or mobile internet access for a one time 2.9MB download.

We can find the game levels access codes here, and a full walkthrough there.

We can also find at the AppStore updates to the three ToyBot games (they notably now use less memory) and to HydroTilt (includes a levels editor).

Finally Kroll, that was technically a step forward when it was released in September (despite a short lifetime), is now priced 0,99$. The same for recent Siberian Strike shoot them up (well known by MAME users) and Diablo like Underworlds. Gameloft’s Assassin’s Creed and Terminator Salvation are priced 5,99$.

iPhone X-Plane 9.10 update

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Games
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A 9.10 update to iPhone’s X-Plane version is available at the AppStore. It notably brings a better rendering (stars at night, water) and a better framerate. Use of map using touch has also been  enhanced. Details on various iPhone X-Plane games can be found here.

iPhone Shift game

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Shift is an original action game, that was initially available in Flash. Is is now at the AppStore (0,99$).

Pianoteq Vibes add-on

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Audio
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Following Electric pianos addons for Pianoteq 3 (49 euros), we can discover the new Vibes add-on. Audio demos are available. A 3.0.3 update to Pianoteq was released recently, and we can still download a demo version.