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A new version of crossover is available, that fixes the Steam update problem (a temporary fix had been available here). You may backup stemApps folder before updating (as it may require creating a new bottle if Crossover application replacement does not work).

Driver San Francisco game experiences stutter (some pause) every few seconds on Mountain Lion (using Nvidia 320M chipset). Some tried to disable V-sync, however as the preference is reset, the game config file (in the now hidden user’s library folder, available through Go to folder menu) has to be edited and permissions modified.

In fact it runs fine (even with medium settings) under Snow Leopard (no pause), then it also didn’t come from the 256 MB shared memory (512 MB dedicated memory listed in requirements).

EnableTrim utilities do not work since OSX 10.8.2 update, as the searched binary sequence changed. We then have to use the following commands (errors/warnings are ok, just wait for the commands to complete).

As Google closes AdSense accounts without prior message and blocks all gains in case of incorrects clicks detected (also gains before these), and that claim request does not lead to account restore in most cases (and do not provide any hints, see here), some are reporting doubts on this service (see here), as it happened for accounts that were close to the payment treeshold (that is also higher than initially).
Moreover we can’t open a new account once a previous one has been closed.

We can however find many alternatives (see also here and there).

There is also to note that Google provides free Ad Words gifts, however the user then agrees to pay for additional amount in case of many clicks (above the provided amount).

A step by step video about replacing mac mini 2010’s hard disk is available. We can also find a comparative review of most recent SSD.

The long awaited MacOSX 10.6.7 update is finally available through Software Update (313 Mb). It notably enhances graphics stability and fixes flickering problems on recent macs when using some external displays.

However it does not fix the grays colors flickering problem on June, 2010 Mac mini (tested at least with a Samsung synchmaster 206BW display, using Apple’s HDMI to DVI). This could be tied with memory speed, as the Nvidia 320M chipset uses the main memory, however it is the same with the stock 2*1 Gb memory modules, or third-party 2*2 Gb and 2*4 Gb ones.

Some users suggest using the mini display port to DVI adapter.

As previously reported, Apple’s mini display port to VGA adapter does not experience flickering, however colors are over-satured, making it useless (with this same Samsung display). Colors seem better when using an Espon projector.  Some people also reported that using a non-Apple mini display port to VGA adapter worked better.

Apple announced a special event that will take place March, 2. We expect the presentation of iPad 2, and the release of new MacBook Pro fitted with Lightpeak transfer technology (renamed Thunderbolt by Apple, and whose connector is similar to mini display port).
Last June mac mini wasn’t then the real/full revolution, and Firewire 800 daisy-chaining problems on Snow Leopard with PLX chipsets (that acquired Oxford) are less likely to be fixed. This would explain why Apple didn’t have used USB3 nor Firewire 3200 in recent macs, and had been waiting to jump directly to the next technology, as they did 12 years ago with Firewire.