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New game  Don’t Look Back is available for free at the App Store. We can also find famous Carmageddon game, also free.

iMame available for iOS

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Games
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An iOS version of famous MAME, iMame, is available for free at the App Store. It is based on iMame4All, and then does not require jailbreaking to install additional roms (we can use iExplorer to copy these).

Portal 2 is available (50$ on Steam – 7,5 Gb).
We can also find Beyond Ynth for free at the AppStore for a limited time.

The iPhone/iPad Fairlight application can be controlled (beside using the virtual keyboard or step editing in the sequencer) from a Midi keyboard using either Wifi (thanks to CoreMidi’s  network feature – CoreMidi is available since iOS 4.2) or USB (iPhone camera connection kit required, and also self-powered USB Midi interface).

Setting up a Wifi CoreMidi network is easy :
– on the mac create a Wifi network (for example by using integrated Airport on mac mini – allows direct computer to computer networking) using Networking preferences.
– enable Wifi on the iPhone/iPad and connect to the Airport network.
-launch Audio and Midi Utility, click on Network icon in the Midi configuration window, create a new session (plus button).
– launch Fairlight application on the iPhone. The device is then listed in Directory area of Midi Network Settings on the mac (below My Sessions area). Click on Connect (except if green light). Latency is low and allows playing from a Midi controller.

Note : turn off automatic idle on the iPhone.

AppStore : Fairlight available

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Audio
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Fairlight application is available at AppStore (7,99 euros, for iPhone and iPad). A Pro version (update through in-app purchase, priced 31,99 euros) adds CMI III version sounds, editing of instruments, Midifile import/export, audio import (as samples).

The standard version also allows remote playing of instruments using a Midi keyboard, if the later is plugged to a computer that is connected to the same Wifi network as the iPhone/iPad (for example a mac mini that provides Airport network), since iOS 4 now supports CoreMidi (and its network feature).

During Game Developer Conference, DotEmu (that did the iPhone port of R-Type) announced iPhone/ iPad (Universal binary) version of famous Out of this World, in collaboration with Eric Chahi, its creator.

Fairlight announced the upcoming release of and iPhone and iPad application that brings CMI Series IIx emulation, including Series IIx samples library (and later Series III’s one, and support for custom samples). We can watch a video here.

Duke Nukem 3D iOS free/Amiga emulator

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Games
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Duke Nukem 3D for iOS is free at the AppStore for an unspecified time.
We can also watch a demo of Manomio’s Amiga emulator for iPhone, whose performance is reported impressive.

Riven for iPhone (and iPad) has been submitted to Apple for validating a week ago, and should appear at the AppStore in one or two weeks. As announced in the mystonline forums, the images will have the original 608×392 resolution (there wasn’t higher resolution master, and softwares that were used at the time aren’t available yet), and will be downscaled to iPhone 3G/GS resolution (480×320) and iPad/iPhone 4 resolution (960×640 – doubled mode- at that time, and in an later update 608×392 or extended).

ZX Spectrum : Elite Collection

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Games
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Elite Systems, famous games editors in the 80s, announced that it will release ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (Vol. #1) soon. Additional volumes will be added later (or as in-App purchases), and Elite invites other developers and publishers to bring their titles.

iPhone : Sims 3 Ambitions available

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Games
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Sims 3 Ambitions is available at the AppStore (4,99$. It finally brings the requested build mode : Resize, add, or delete rooms, floors, walls, doors, and windows as you make a new home for your success-driven Sim. Buy and sell furniture and objects. And now you can also build workplaces like a Bistro, a Preschool, or a Night Club for your musical Sim to rock.

Following the presentation of Unreal Engine 3 for iPhone by Epic, a technical demo (free), Epic Citadel, is available at the AppStore (82 Mb, iPhone 3GS, 4 or iPad). We can watch videos here.