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Portal 2 is available (50$ on Steam – 7,5 Gb).
We can also find Beyond Ynth for free at the AppStore for a limited time.

Following the donate of MacPaint source code to Computer History Museum, we learn that the software had been developed from a Lisa, and that file retrieving/converting was somewhat complex.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is available at the AppStore (7,99$). The download size is 189 Mb (Monkey Island 1 was 354 Mb). We can watch a video here.

Contrary to first episode where control was based on the old cursor pointing (not practical and not logical on a touch device – however easier to port the game), this new episode manages touch pointing.

Apple provides through iTunes the whole WWDC2010 sessions (more than an hundred, and average 50 mn duration per session !) We just have to connect using an ADC account (including a free account). Sessions videos are available in SD and HD, as well as corresponding slides. These are sorted in following categories : Application Frameworks, Core OS, Graphics and Media, Developer Tools and Internet and Web (that includes among other two sessions about iAd JS).

Steam available / Portal free

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Games
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To celebrate the release of Steam on Mac, Portal is downloadable for free until May, 24 (an Intel mac is required).

The final 0.8 version of Cappuccino is available We can watch a video that demonstrates the new CPTableView : sorting, lines and columns reordering, fast scroll even with thousands of elements.
There is to note that CP2JavaWS still offered automatic sort management, as well as a live mode (automatic buffered access to remote elments while browsing/scrolling the table).
The additions (complementary) brought by Randy to the new TableView make it finally as evolved/polished than the original MacOSX component (there will still be one feature to add, ‘in table” editing, to go definitely beyond ExtJS).

The demonstration video of EastWest Hollywood Strings is available at soundsonline (200 Mb archive, mov container). The playing and rendering seem to achieve a new step, that we couldn’t even have expected, and that helps creating, even more than with Silk. The music track is uncompressed 24 bits (and a second, 16 bits, for comments). The whole is 2,2 Mb/s (22 minutes duration).