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Apple provides Mountain Lion through the Mac App Store (20$, 4 GB), and also XCode 4.4 and Safari 6.

Motorola Mobility (now Google) presents Ninja, an HTML5 development solution that features a client side and server side (using Node.js) framework, Montage, that provides UI components and templates, bidirectional data binding, persistence, serialization, event management (including KVO), and a visual designer (Ninja, made using Montage) that allows to create SVG, Canvas, WebGL and CSS3 based media using a timeline editor, and also manages binding of Montage components to create a rich web application. A test tool (Screening) for Montage based application is also provided.
The Montage project and Screening tool (alpha version) are available through Github, and Ninja editor is downloadable at Chrome App Store (requires Chrome).
Google then use standard technologies (HTML5), however in a proprietary environment (Chrome, and then Chrome OS).
ArsTechnica provides a detailed review of Ninja.

New Stone Ship album has been added at Emotuned.

Darklight IIx available

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Audio

Darklight IIx is available at (175 euros) and audio demos are provided. We can use the discount code received from Bestservice (30 euros discount).

Garritan presents Classic Pipe Organs, a library based on Aria Player, that features 6 organ types (3 GB), 75 stops/combinations, and a convolution reverb. Audio demos are provided. It is priced 119,95$ initially.

EastWest presents Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, that will be available this July, 23 (142 GB for the Diamond version). Audio demos haven’t been added yet.