Kontakt 3.5 available : 64 bits adressing on OSX

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Audio
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Kontakt 3.5 is available. As stated in the previous beta, this update brings support for 64 bits addressing, in order to bypass the 4Gb samples memory limit. Under MacOSX this feature is allowed thanks to NI’s Memory Server, a separate non GUI process (Unix/BSD 64 bits) that communicates with the Kontakt plugin (such trick was used in EastWest’s PLAY player), and then also works on Tiger (only Leopard allows GUI processes to use 64 bits modes – on Tiger only non GUI processes are allowed to. Moreover since Leopard the Carbon 64 bits APIs have been dropped, and we have to use Cocoa to gain 64 bits addressing).
Thanks to this solution the 64 bits mode also works when the Kontakt plugin is hosted in a 32 bits sequencer (Logic, ProTools). The DFD mode has also been enhanced (uses less memory).


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