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E-on Software presented LumentRT Review for SketchUp, a plugin for SketchUp (free or Pro) that allows to navigate through a scene (with better quality- textures and lighting – and in realtime) after some initial processing step (a few dozens of minutes). We can watch videos here and download LiveCubes (pre-processed scenes as standalone applications). It however requires a 512 Mb graphics card (does not work on a mac mini). It is available at a reduced price (195$ instead 295$).

EastWest opened the public beta of PLAY 3. This new version brings the following enhancements :
– 64 bit compatibility on Mac OS 10.6 (AU, VST, and Standalone).
– optimized performance on all platforms, including increased ‘max voices’ setting (now up to 2,048 voices).
– added ‘autosave’ feature (standalone only).
– improved load and save times. (reported as two times faster at least)
– fixed potential noise bursts.
– fixed other minor bugs on all platforms.

We can also find on the forums the expected Hollywood Brass release date (July, 1).

Hype : HTML5 animations/scenes editor

Posted: May 30, 2011 in IT/Dev
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The new HTML5 editor, Hype, has been available through the Mac App Store for a week at a limited price, however its pricing may not change as some problems have been reported in the current version (save problem with many scenes).

The HTML5 specification will soon reach Last Call status (starting May, 24, see planning here), and might be completed in 2012, then far more quicker than what Adobe stated (about 2018-2020).

Apple buyed iCloud domain for about 4,5 millions $ and is expected to unveil its streaming service during the upcoming WWDC. Compared with other solutions, it won’t require uploading owned songs to access them.
The service could be expanded to indie (unsigned/no label) artists.

The Yamaha CP-5 digital piano provides a nice piano sound, however less detailed/muddy in low octaves compared to Roland FP-7F’s one. The touch is also less realistic/pleasant. Strings sounds are far more impressive.

The Kawai MP10 sounds like a real piano (details and texture of sound, notably in lower octaves, and great expressivity), contrary to other digital pianos that remind we are playing samples. The sound seems however somewhat distant (despite a presence setting) and panned a little high, overall more processed. The touch is close to FP-7F’s one. Strings sounds are also great (even better than on the CP-5).

The Korg SV1 brings a less interesting piano (reminds the one from the M-50) and the touch isn’t realistic. It however provides impressive strings sounds (and synthetic ones/pads), great organs as usual, and interesting electric piano sounds (not static thanks to onboard effects that alter the samples).

The RD-300NX seems finally interesting and features a great additional church organ (not found in FP-7F, however included in the RD-700NX). Despite feeling very lite/unrealistic, the touch remains correct, as well as the overall sounding.

Finally the RD-700NX touch is a little heavier than on the FP-7F, gradded, and keys sides feature a wood texture/color (the top is however less realistic than on the FP-7F). It includes the same SuperNatural Concert model as on the FP-7F and RD-300NX, plus a Studio model (tighter and not really necessary) and a Brillant model (very interesting, emphasizes the feeling of modeling).

Mirye provides at the AppStore Shade 12, a 3D modeling and animation software (Basic edition, priced 49,99$ instead 99$). Standard and Professional versions are available respectively for 349 and 749$. The Basic version features less evolved modeling (no Hair Salon, etc.), fewer material effects and mapping modes, less complex lighting and animating, and doesn’t include Toon rendering nor physics/particles support. It however provides Sketch modeling, Photo modeling, Stereoscopic rendering and SketchUp import.

The downloaded application from AppStore doesn’t include resources (2 Gb of content), that have to be downloaded at site : after having created an account and being logged into the site, we have to click on the Suppott menu, select Activation option, and select Shade: Register Your Mac App Store Purchase as the ticket category, then MACAPPSTORE as code.
A verification email will be sent by the support. Demo videos can be found here.

E-On provided recently Vue d’Esprit 9 and various additional plugins couples at 25-30 percent discount. The standard version of Vue d’Esprit 9 (includes Content Starter Pack, RenderUp and 3DImport modules) and additional EcoPainter, LightTune, EcoSystem, DeepAccess, Botanica and Zephyr plugins were then available at 341$ only.

Vue 9 Complete (599$) adds HyperVue, KronosFX and Exporter modules, however those are targeted to studios, as they require computers networking for calculations.

Dojo Foundation provides Maqetta, a WYSIWYG HTML5 on-browser editor, that allows to design rich web applications layouts (also targets mobile devices). Is it based on HTML5, CSS3 and OpenAjax widgets metadata standard. It uses Dojo by default, and hooks are available to use another widgets library/toolkit (however they are not fully implemented yet, requiring modifying of Maqetta source code for now).

This editor is document-oriented (as defined in HTML), contrary to Atlas that creates Cappuccino-based applications (then relies on asbtraction layers, CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation implementations based on low level Canvas/VML browsers features).

We can also find Flux, a native(Cocoa) HTML5 editor, far more elegant (and that was priced very low for a few days at the Mac App Store). It doesn’t however feature widgets libbraries support, and only provides WebKit and jQuery animations support.

In both cases the bridge bewteen the client and server sides isn’t adressed (remote access for tables’s data, sort, master/detail views/CRUD cycle).