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The second part of the Cappuccino tutorial, Scrapbook Part II Implementing Drag and Drop, has been available for a few days. It deals with drag&drop, (that is exactly the subject of the chapter I’m currently reading in Cocoa Programming… page 760 : informal protocols for drag source and drag destination, etc.), collection views and scrollable views, archiving.

A book upon iPhone programming (besides Apple’s great documentation) was released October, 15 : The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK. It is available for Safari Books Online subscrivers. It contains 384 pages (see the chapters list and some samples at Safari Books Online).

Among the new free games for iPhone on the AppStore, we notably find : JellyCar (from the same authors as Trace, the principle is used here to move a car), MazeFinger, PacMan Lite (only one level), and iBall3D (classic labyrinth game with 3 completely different levels/environments).

A 9.0.3 update to X-Plane (iPhone version) is available. We can read the full new features description (and see new screenshots) here. The map (added in the settings pages in version 9.0.2) now provides NAVAID frequencies, and we can display an instruments panel (full screen), in order to set an auto approach (ILS).

Pangea Software provides this week (ends tomorrow) a huge rebate on Bugdom 2 (-75%, only 0,99$) and Nanosaur 2 (-50%, now only 1,99$). Updates are also available : Bugdom 2 version 1.0.2 (improved controls, minor bug fixes and performance enhancements), Enigmo 1.2 (small performance improvements, and now the savegames are stored on the OSX user Documents folder when synchronizing the iPhone).
We can also download a strategy guide for the 10 levels of Bugdom 2 (maps, hints).

FieldRunners is a new strategy game (of Tower Defense type) for iPhone (4,99$), probably the best at this time in that category. We can watch a video here. We can also find an original and free game, Trace, that provides 6 worlds and 120 levels : the purpose of that adventure game is to draw (with touch) the elements that allow to reach the goal (the end of the level) ! A demonstration video is provided.
Finally a free (lite) version of Toy Bot Diaries (some sample levels) is available at the AppStore (the full game is priced 3,99$).

Korg M3 XPanded : free update

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Audio

As for the M3 to remain competitive compared with the M50, Korg presented the XPanded M3, an update that doubles the internal samples memory (now 640Mb : new electric pianos, a new 3 velocity levels stereo acoustic piano, the KORG SG-1D stage piano, vintage flutes and strings as with the M50, mono piano, etc.).
That revision also brings new visual and touch editing features for the sequencer (Piano Roll, display of audio tracks waveforms), new effects and enhanced KARMA mode (2.2 version).

Moreover the M3 XPanded is bundled for free with 3 new PCM expansions, 128Mb each (that is 384Mb, besides the enhanced internal memory) : Brass & Woodwinds (EX-USB-PCM01/02) and Concert Grand Piano (EX-USB-PCM03). Finally that whole upgrade is free from an existing M3 (through download) ! Audio demos are available.