WebKit CSS 3D Transforms & Leopard / Flash demise ?

Posted: July 18, 2009 in IT/Dev
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We can discover on the WebKit site a new demo that features CSS 3D Transforms : Poster Circles. We could also see Snow Stack demo at satine.org, and Animated CSS3 Cube at fofronline.com. The CSS 3D Transforms have been available on the iPhone WebKit since iPhone OS 2.0 (hardware accelerated), and more recently on the Snow Leopard WebKit. Now this feature is available also on the latest WebKit nightly builds for Leopard (still not present in Safari 4 – previously only CSS 2D Transforms were provided). Apple submitted this CSS extension to W3C (contrary to Microsoft whose Silverlight features are closed, and Adobe whose container is even more proprietary and opaque).

This year, enhancements in Apple’s WebKit (also promoted by Google – used in Chrome) – CSS Effects and recently WebSockets -, HTML5 (audio and video tags, javascript database, application cache, subprocesses), and Mozilla’s Canvas (Canvas 3D JS Libary) – and Google’s O3D, seem to indicate the upcoming demise of Flash (and of Silverlight probably shortly thereafter). Flash will then never be available on iPhone, even considering Adobe may decide this time (because has no other choice) to bring an optimized Flash version (performances of Flash are really bad on MacOSX, and not that great on Windows). In Snow Leopard we can now see Safari subprocesses (created by plugins) and see how much CPU Flash uses (too much, even on Windows).


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