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MacOSX 10.7 : SceneKit 3D framework

Posted: March 31, 2011 in IT/Dev
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From rumors, MacOSX Lion may bring another new framework (beside AV Foundation), SceneKit, that will make adding 3D scenes in applications easier (no OpenGL skills required).

The first conference about Cappuccino, CappCon 2011, is planned June, 11-12 (San Francisco), that is the we after WWDC). It will be priced 100-200$.

Motorola : web-based OS ?

Posted: March 24, 2011 in IT/Dev
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Motorola is rumored to be developing a web-based OS (in the same way as WebOS – that uses WebKit), to avoid Android licensing and related patents problems. This could then explain why they acquired 280 North.

The iPhone/iPad Fairlight application can be controlled (beside using the virtual keyboard or step editing in the sequencer) from a Midi keyboard using either Wifi (thanks to CoreMidi’s  network feature – CoreMidi is available since iOS 4.2) or USB (iPhone camera connection kit required, and also self-powered USB Midi interface).

Setting up a Wifi CoreMidi network is easy :
– on the mac create a Wifi network (for example by using integrated Airport on mac mini – allows direct computer to computer networking) using Networking preferences.
– enable Wifi on the iPhone/iPad and connect to the Airport network.
-launch Audio and Midi Utility, click on Network icon in the Midi configuration window, create a new session (plus button).
– launch Fairlight application on the iPhone. The device is then listed in Directory area of Midi Network Settings on the mac (below My Sessions area). Click on Connect (except if green light). Latency is low and allows playing from a Midi controller.

Note : turn off automatic idle on the iPhone.

Best Service presents Evolution Series World Percussion, the largest world percussions samples library (220 Gb, 24 bits/48 Khz), provided on an external 2,5″ USB2 hard drive (599 euros). Instruments are available in stereo or 5.1, and midi grooves are included. We can listen to demos.

Native Instruments provides (though Service Center or online User area) 1.1.1 update to FM8 and 1.2.1 update to Massive, that bring 64 bits support and enhancements/fixes.

The long awaited MacOSX 10.6.7 update is finally available through Software Update (313 Mb). It notably enhances graphics stability and fixes flickering problems on recent macs when using some external displays.

However it does not fix the grays colors flickering problem on June, 2010 Mac mini (tested at least with a Samsung synchmaster 206BW display, using Apple’s HDMI to DVI). This could be tied with memory speed, as the Nvidia 320M chipset uses the main memory, however it is the same with the stock 2*1 Gb memory modules, or third-party 2*2 Gb and 2*4 Gb ones.

Some users suggest using the mini display port to DVI adapter.

As previously reported, Apple’s mini display port to VGA adapter does not experience flickering, however colors are over-satured, making it useless (with this same Samsung display). Colors seem better when using an Espon projector.  Some people also reported that using a non-Apple mini display port to VGA adapter worked better.

Besides Atlas (whose related announces from Motorola are due soon) we find a new IDE made using Cappuccino, Askshell (free access). It only manages javascript code editing (no Objective-J), however it provides a javascript MVC framework (and comprehensive documentation) that reminds ruby / rails and allows fast application development (required as it does not include an interface builder contrary to Atlas). Test of applications is also available directly from the editor.
We can also try notapipe (provided as subscription), a generic purpose text editor, less evolved however that manages collaborative work.

Fierfox 4 available

Posted: March 23, 2011 in IT/Dev
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Firefox 4 is available (Intel mac only). It seems as fast as Safari (as it features a new javascript engine – 3 to 6 times faster than the previous one -, as well as canvas 2D hardware accelerating through OpenGL on MacOSX).

It manages WebGL (see demos here – 40 to 26 fps on a 2010 mac mini depending on number of displayed elements, and full options ebabled -, and init of the webgl context), a new HTML5 parser that allows inline SVG and MathML (that is svg and math tags instead of generic purpose object tag), HTML5 audio and video tags, WebM video format, CSS3 (including CSS gradients, backgrounds, CSS Transitions – with -moz prefix -, WOFF), App Cache, IndexDDB, and Web Workers.

Support for websocket is included, however it is disabled by default (contrary to Chrome and Safari 5 where it is enabled) for security concerns.

The CP2JavaWS demo is close as fast as with Safari (except refresh page fault), however the transitory display bug (value in first row first column cell) is still here (tested with Cappuccino 0.8, so to verify with latest 0.9).

Nanosaur 2 free

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Games
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Nanosaur II is free at the Mac App Store for a limited time. To remember it offers a 3D mode.

AppStore : Fairlight available

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Audio
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Fairlight application is available at AppStore (7,99 euros, for iPhone and iPad). A Pro version (update through in-app purchase, priced 31,99 euros) adds CMI III version sounds, editing of instruments, Midifile import/export, audio import (as samples).

The standard version also allows remote playing of instruments using a Midi keyboard, if the later is plugged to a computer that is connected to the same Wifi network as the iPhone/iPad (for example a mac mini that provides Airport network), since iOS 4 now supports CoreMidi (and its network feature).

As we know, most musical instruments makers are from there (Yamaha, Roland, Korg).

About Roland factories (that were hit in 1995), they are now located mainly 100-200 km south-west from Tokyo (Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Matsumoto).
We can however expect the RD-300NX, due to this month, to be delayed.

UPDATE : Roland, through a statement at its site, expressed its support for victims, and indeed confirmed that its factories and offices weren’t damaged (and there is no casualties among its employees), and that they are continuing normal operations. They are however investigating impact on their business.

Steve Jobs also made a statement (Apple still had setted up a donations program at iTune Store) to its Apple Store employees there (that served as communication points for many people)