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Roland added new samples collections for FA synths at axial site. The EXP04 Concert Piano Collection brings samples from SRX02 card, EXP05 Electric piano collection contains samples from SRX12, and EXP06 Studio collection includes those from SRX03.

During black friday we could get Metal Machines EZX extension for Toontrack’s EZDrummer and Superior Drummer for EUR 29. This library of only 850 MB installed size (and 300 MB used memory, instant loading from SSD) provides great snares and outstanding toms, plus nice kick and crash cymbal (ride cymbals however aren’t good and have to be replaced by other libraries).

Comparing with Superior Drummer’s stock drum set (20 GB), Native Instrument”s Studio Drummer, Best Service Artist Drums and other libraries, Metal Machines really stands out and is the most efficient and best sounding (also best convincing) drums library (either while playing – great response – or triggering built in patterns). Also Toontrack engine (EZX libraries work great in Superior Drummer) allows very low CPU load (while Kontakt would stall quickly) and adds this proprietary real time human feeling.

Pettinhouse Powerchords

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Audio
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Pettinhouse presents Powerchords, a guitar powerchords samples library for Kontakt (full version required), available as download. It is based on a Stratocaster (dry however Amp sim, Wah, Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Phaser effects are provided) and it strums all played notes (no chords recognition) using editable strumming patterns (presets for Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop).

It is priced $69 and a demo version is available (66 MB), with these limitations :

In demo mode It has only 1 Pattern and you CANNOT edit them or create new ones but you CAN use all the knobs of the Strummer. EQ, FX ( Rev, DLY, Pha ) are in DEMO mode too, they are activated but you CANNOT adjust the knobs. Only 1 preset for the Amp Simulator but you CAN use the Wah FX just by pressing the button “Wah” and moving the Mod Wheel UP&DOWN.

Also “Dry” button works. activate it if you want to use Powerchords DEMO with an external amp simulator.

Also free versions of other Pettinhouse’s samples libraries (Direct Guitar, Direct Bass, etc.) are available here (the license however states you cannot use these for commercial music – you have then to buy the full versions).

Christmas bundle are provided, for example two libraries (free selection) at $119 (single products also are discounted – $99 for 10 GB’s Direct Guitar 3 instead $129).

Among Black Friday’s specials we can find most Native Instruments samples libraries at half price, also most EastWest ones half price  – through December 31, including HL Strings, HL Brass, Ministry of Rock 2, however not HL Woodwinds -, SynthMaster at 40 percent discount (that is $78 for the standard version – includes 150 additional presets besides the factory’s 500 ones).

Also amplesound is providing 55 percent discount on its Guitar series (that is $99 each) and UVI offers 25 percent discounts on its samples libraries.

OrangeTree still provides Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry at $107 (40 percent discount from $179 price).

IK Multimedia provides SampleTank2L for 29.99$ / 24.99 euros until October, 30 (35% discount). It includes 349 samples based presets (2,11 GB).

Best Service provides 25% discount on these listed Guitar samples libraries. We can then get (among other) Ministry of Rock 2 for 285 euros, V-Metal for 186,75 euros, SR5 Rock Bass for 89,25 euros, and Electri6ity for 269,25 euros.

Darklight IIX announced

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Audio
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On its blog, UVI announced Darklight IIX, a Fairlight IIx samples plugin.

We can also find Fairlight IIx library from Bitley for Reason and Kontakt (69$).

Here are some great free audio plugins/libraries, far more better than entry-level softwares (GarageBand, etc.) :

– Kontakt 4 player with included sounds. The player version only features the first 3 convolution reberb categories (17 in the full version), however they cover most needs and sound great.

– Kore player with included sounds, Compilation Vol.1 and Compilation Vol. 2

– Camel Audio Alchemy Player with provided sounds (very high quality)

– SampleTank Free with included sounds (very high quality)

– Yellow Tools Independance Free (most of the best sounds from the Basic version, including acoustic and electric basses and guitars, and the famous NDB organ with Origami free reverb).

– EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Free

– Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

– Native Instruments Guitar Rig Player

All these softwares are really worth paying for the full versions, that include more sounds. Moreover they are fairly priced and can sometimes sound even better than some high priced libraries.

Samples streaming and SSD

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Audio
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Streaming large samples libraries (like EastWest Pianos or Hollywood Strings Diamond) requires the load of many “small'” files (about 4000  100 KB to 1 MB files per instrument).

Loading of an 1 GB instrument that is about 4000 small files then takes about 20s for samples access (fast HDD drive with 5 ms average access time) and 10s for samples read (fast disk with at least 100 MB/s sequential read speed).

Using a Firewire 800 connection, the average streaming speed doesn’t go higher than 52 MB/s, that is the access time is the limiting factor (not the disk sequential read speed nor the Firewire connection max bandwidth).

This is why SSD are very relevant for audio samples players (more than for video), as they provide 25 times faster access time (average 0,2 ms), and at least 2,5 times faster sequential read speed.

NI presents Alicia’s KEYS, a 7 Gb (equivalent to 17 Gb 16 bits linear) piano samples library, featuring a Yamaha C3 Neo, played by Alicias Keys (with 12 velocity levels). It requires Kontkat 4 (full or Player), that isn’t anymore compatible with PowerPC. A video and audio demos are available. It is priced 99 euros (through download starting March, 29).

Native Instruments provides HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 (Compilation Vol. 2 Library once installed), a selection of 40 free patchs for Kore Player (661 Mb of samples). The installer requires an Intel mac, however we just have to modify the script in distribution.dist file (open the package) in order for it to install on PPC mac.

We can listen to audio demos here and watch a great video there (28 minutes length, that demoes all of the 40 patchs, with great stereo sound quality and large image size).

Yamaha CF3 Piano free samples

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Audio
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To complement the great Independence library, we can find a free Yamaha CF3 Piano library (932 Mb, 792 samples) made by Mats Helgesson. That is here for the download (337Mb archive). Its format (GigaStudio) can be imported into Kontakt.

The samples number (and size) can seem small compared with recent piano libraries, however there is to remember that what makes a piano library sound good are its samples homogeneity (very difficult to achieve starting with thousands of samples) and its playability and liveness. For example the Roland Complete Piano card includes the same number of samples (4 velocity levels x 88 notes x 2 – for stereo) on only 64 Mb (compressed format, probably close to a 1/10 ratio).

Best Service : TITAN

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Audio
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Best Service unveiled TITAN (will be released July, 15) – in fact we discovered it some months ago in the Best Service paper catalog. This library includes 5500 multisamples (100 000 samples, 36 Gb) of sounds from 200 synthesizers of 80s and 90s (and from recent virtual plugins) : 2327 Synth Sounds, 1200 Pads & Atmospheres, 778 Basses, 250 Synth-Brass & Real Brass Sounds, 100 Guitars, 161 Choirs & Voices, 227 Pianos, hundreds of effect-sounds, and Bonus-Bank (170 original vintage string synths from over 20 different original instruments).
The ENGINE player (developed in collaboration with Yellow Tools) is provided (includes 400 impulse responses), and also works on G4. Videos are available, and the library is priced 249 euros.