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Cocoa to Cappuccino tutorial

Posted: October 28, 2012 in IT/Dev
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At slevenbits blog we can find an article about porting a Cocoa component (here a custom NSBox – with editable title) into a Cappuccino one. As expected, it only consists in replacing NS suffix with CP, pointer * sign, and modifying imports. Also in the example the event management (box title editing) is easier, as Cappuccino benefits from the textField html element provided by the browser (with Cocoa we have to determine the editing area and use a fieldEditor).

AppCode : lite Cocoa/iOS editor

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Apple, IT/Dev
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JetBrains, now the editor of famous IntelliJ IDEA, presents AppCode, an Objective-C editor that manages MacOSX and iOS targets. It requires XCode (notably to edit Nib archives through Interface Builder, now part of XCode since version 4) and uses Google Protocols Buffers technology to launch iOS Simulator (as it isn’t available on Windows, AppCode can’t be cross-platform). Among first reviews (see here and there) some problems are reported with files/imports, however auto-completion seems more powerful than the one in XCode, and the interface looks closer to Eclipse one (and simplier than XCode one), despite being less Cocoa compliant then (see AppCode UI overview).

As for IDEA the solution isn’t free (131 euros for a commercial license, 61 euros for a personal license), however its quality and support level, and its lite interface that allows faster acceptance for developers used to Eclipse, may be interesting. A mac will always be required however. A demo version (30 days trial) is available.

64 bits Cocoa Photoshop in CS5

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Adobe’s CS5 suite may finally bring 64 bits (then Cocoa) version of Photoshop for MacOSX. Moreover Flash tools will allow to develop native iPhone applications (that is by using a compiler that Adobe presented recently – in order to circumvent lack of Flash plugin in iPhone).

VSL Vienna Ensemble PRO

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Audio
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VSL presents Vienna Ensemble PRO, a new version of its player. It is the first OSX host application that supports 64 bits AU plugins (Cocoa), and Leopard (10.5) is required. It can also manage 32 bits AU plugins (Carbon) on Intel and PowerPC (PPC64 is listed as working but not supported, however we don’t know if it just implies G5 support – that are 64 bits processors – in 32 bits mode, or the full 64 bits adressing on these processors).

The software can also host other vendors’s plugins (see the list here), and provides a networking mode (between mac and/or PC), that allows to share both audio and Midi, by using a simple Ethernet (Gigabit) connection. It is priced 145 euros.

The new Eclipse version, Galileo, isĀ available for OSX. It supports Cocoa 32 bit and 64 bit (the OSX SWT implementation is now based on Cocoa instead of Carbon previously). The non IHM code remains in Java. Among new features we note Xtext, a new project (framework) that allows to create DSL and editors for these ones (is probably based on eCore metamodel, that was available from EMF, but we hope it is more usable than GMF).