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Total studio 3 bundle includes all effects plugins and instrument libraries/players from IK Multimedia (that is 47 GB).

After having used Roland COSM effects from XV5050 for 12 years (great at that time -not very usable sounds, few amps and cab models, however nice distorsion), then Logic’s AmpDesigner/Guitar AmpPro/pedalboard and free Podfarm (both digital sounding), and reaching nice custom presets with Rammfire (far more greater than base free Guitar Rig amps, that also sounded digital – except nice delays), I tried Amplitube 3 demo and trial gears from Custom Shop (2 days trial), and finally got Amplitube 3 full, Amplitube Metal and Amplitube Jimi Hendrix from Total Studio 3 bundle :

Amplitube 3 sounded analog/warm and real/various, and it also provides a great sounding digital reverb (Guitar Rig’s delays seemed better). Only routing and switching between editing screens (one for each element – pedals, amps, cabs, mix effects for both channels of the routing path) was less practical than with Guitar Rig (single screen with scrolling through gears), despite displaying clear channels paths.
It was still cheaper through the 200 euros (plus added 40 euros VAT for EU) special price for Total Studio Bundle than by having to buy elements from IK’s Custom Shop. However thanks to the 4 for 1 credits packs group buy we could select best amps, cabs and pedals from Amplitube Metal, then the remaining amps and cabs from other brands and/or collections (Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Soldano, etc.). I then added a 45 credit pack (30 euros), that is 180 credits at that time.
I also tried Peavey’s Revalver plugin, whose I didn’t like the tone/color, while providing a somewhat more real sound (nice for lower range however thinner overall).

IK’s Classik Reverb (also included in the bundle) is stunning (and only 79 euros without the bundle) : the reverb succeeds in keeping the original signal’s strength at early stage (early reflections) – while enhancing the sound -, and reverb trails are very natural (editable modulation parameters). Moreover as it doesn’t use hybrid solution (convolution for early reflections – to provide space sense – and algorithm for reverb trails in order to produce natural space modulation), it requires less processor resources. There are 4 distinct units (hall, room, plate, reverse), that sound all great (and distinct) in their area. The cathedral hall preset is even better than Independance’s Origami convolution reverbs or still great Kontakt’s convolution ones.

TRackS Deluxe also provided great mastering effects (compressors, limiters).

IK Sample libraries however didn’reach quality (details and strength) found in Kontakt’s factory library or EastWest’s Colossus. There are many presets however they didn’t stand out. The SampleTank XL base factory however provides a stunning Full cathedral organ preset, that is complementary to Kontakt factory’s and Independance’s ones by adding Classik Studio Reverb. Electric organs also sounded great.

Expansion libraries add some usable electric bass and guitars (use IK’s amp technology, however they may sound better using Amplitube from a clean  preset). Drums sounds are reported to be great, however can’t compete with Toontrak’s Superior Drummer 2 or NI’s Studio Drummer. Overall it doesn’t reach YellowTools Independance’s sound quality (larger library however).

Miroslav Philarmonik also sounded thin compared with EastWest and VSL libraries. However, through its only 8 GB samples (then not one sample per note) woodwinds sounded interesting, also some portato brass and strings presets, strings and brass ensembles (using sligth vibrato for strings). The cathedral organ presets weren’t better than SampleTank ones.

SampleTron and SampleMoog sounds didn’t bring an interesting sound color, then requiring more editing/additional effects. However they may simply sound right relative to the originals.

Sonic Synth provides nice layered pads, however sample based presets don’t sound better than SampleTank libraries ones, being then redundant.

Since Total Studio 3 bundle special price ended, the effects bundle (not available) may be more interesting. IK is really better at effects modeling.

When installing SampleTank’s libraries (or Sonic Synth ones), first installer part installs sounds folder in Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/Instruments, however the installation preferences files get then corrupted, leading to a generic kernel error when launching the players (crashes) :
Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000

In fact when installing following sounds parts, the installers get the modified/wrong installation location preference (the path contains “/” as separator instead “:” initially), leading to the part not being installed, and an empty file being created at the root of the filesystem (file named /Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/Instruments/SampleTank XL Sounds for example).

The installation preferences files are located in /Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/<softwareName>/Preferences/<softwarePrefix>.txt, for example /Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/SampleTank 2.x/Preferences/ST2Pref.txt.
The instrumentPah property should be

InstrumentPath=Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:IK Multimedia:Instruments:

InstrumentPath=Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:IK Multimedia:Instruments:Sonik Synth 2 Sounds:

Moreover it allows all libraries to be available from SampleTank XL (including Sonic Synth, SampleMoog, SampleTron and Miroslav Philarmonik ones).

IK Multimedia’s Gear credits group buy, extended until November, 11, gives 3 additional credits packs (of the same size) per purchased credits pack. That is for 30 euros (added 6 euros VAT  for EU residents) we get 180 gear credits (45 initially).

IK Multimedia also provides Total Sudio 3 bundle at 250$/200 euros (additional 40 euros VAT for EU).

It includes SampleTank 2.5 XL, Sonik Synth 2, Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleMoog, SampleTron, all the 15 Xpansion Tank 2 Multi-Sampled Instrument Collections, Amplitube 3, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, Amplitube Metal, CSR – Classik Studio Reverb and T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mastering Suite (that is 80 percent discount).

Finally the Gear credits group buy reached more than 2000 sales, then offering 3 credits packs (same as the purchased one) : that is for 15 euros (20 credits pack) you get 80 credits total, and for 30 euros – 45 credits pack – (additional 6 euros VAT) you get 180  credits. High ends amps are available for 30 credits, while items are average 15 credits.

IK Multimedia Vocalive for iPad

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia presents Vocalive for iPad, an application that provides 12 effects types for vocals (50 presets, and also a voice cancel), 4 simultaneous effects and a 8 tracks recorder (19,99$).

A free version is also available (reverb and double effects only, however also voice cancel, metronome and audio phrases). The additional effects can be added by in-app purchase.

IK Multimedia group buy

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia provides a group buy for its 15 years anniversary, that allows to get 2 free products (of equal or less value than the original buyed product) starting 5000 participants (3854 for now, and 33 days left). Moreover a 15 percent discount wil be applied to the buyed product.
We can find Xpansion Tank 2 collections (Sample Tank 2 expansion libraries, bundled with Sample Tank 2 XT – 1 GB samples instead of 500 MB for Sample Tank Free), priced 42,49$ each.

IK Multimedia iRig MIDI

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia announced iRig MIDI, a Midi interface for iPhone (requires a 3GS or later model) and iPod Touch, that features Midi In port, Midi Out port, Midi Thru port, and also a mini USB port that allows to power the iPhone (as the interface still uses the iPhone connector).

Moreover an iPhone SampleTank Free version is provided (4 multitimbral parts, 500 instruments – 1 Gb samples -, 1000 patterns and grooves, 20 insert effects – 4 available per track), as well as iRig MIDI Recorder (Midi data recording/playing application – can export in Midifile format and also manages sysex).

The compatibility list for iPhone Midi applications can be found here. It is priced 69,99$.

IK Multimedia : discounts

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia provides for its 15th anniversary discounts until September, 15 : second product free (equal or lesser value), another third one if 5000 users, and additional 15 percent discount on products.

IK Multimedia presents AmpliTube iRig for iPhone, a solution composed of an interface (plugs on iPhone and provides one guitar input and one output), priced 39,99$, and a software, available in 3 versions : Free (2 stompboxe – Delay, Overdrive -, 1 amp (Lead) + cabinet, 2 microphones), LE (4 stompboxes – adds Chorus and Wah -, 1 amp (Lead) + cabinet, 2 microphones – 2.99$) and Full (10 stompboxes – adds Distorsion, Flanger, Envelope Filter, Phaser, and Fuzz -, 5 amps (Lead, Clean, Crunch, Metal, Bass) + cabinets, 2 microphones – 19.99$). We can find audio demos and a video.

IK Multimedia provides until end May discounts on its Xpansion Tank 2 Series samples libraries (extensions for Sample Tank 2 player) : for one buyed (49,99$) we get 4 other libraries for free (among 15 available titles, sized from 650 Mb to 1,5 Gb). Moreover SampleTank 2.5 XT can be downloaded (includes 1 Gb of samples).

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Audio
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IK Multimedia presented AmpliTube 3 at NAMM 2010. It includes 160 amps models (modern and vintage), and enhanced versions of AmpliTube 2’s ones. Performances are better, and resources requirements are adjustables. A demo version is planned soon. Finally it is also compatible with G4 (dual 1 Ghz min).