Korg iM1 / Midi LE / Midi Monitor / USB

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Kork iM1 provides sounds from M1 and expansion cards (also some sounds from T1). The M1 and T1 cards collections are priced $5 each. It allows Midi though bluetooth LE, however for mac that don’t feature it we can use USB connection (you can then use Logic or other sequencer and connect a keyboard to the mac to control iM1). Apple lightning to USB connector and free Midi LE are required (one application for mac and the other to be installed on iOS device). However then iM1 still don’t  respond to Midi messages. By installing Midi monitor (also free) on the iOS device we then check that Midi messages are indeed received, and iM1 finally recognizes these. The latency is very low (1.5 to 2ms).


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