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Best Services presents Shevannai, a vocal Kontakt samples libraries (3,6 GB) that provides 5 different true legatos (a,e,i o,u), 33 words, 27 staccatos, 113 phrases in different keys (A,Bb, C, D, E, Eb, F and G), 52 phrases in Elven Language reciting some Elven poems, 57 whispered phrases, 110 different whispers, and also 20 complementary synth soundscapes. Audio demos are available and it is priced 149 euros.


Best Service provides 2,6 GB free samples from its Engine based libraries, in order to create a song (3 mn max) and participate to the Engine contest (flight, 3 days and entrance to january NAMM as first prize).

Best Service presents Evolution Series World Percussion, the largest world percussions samples library (220 Gb, 24 bits/48 Khz), provided on an external 2,5″ USB2 hard drive (599 euros). Instruments are available in stereo or 5.1, and midi grooves are included. We can listen to demos.

Best Service presents Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices, that notably brings new voices/choirs samples to previous Ethno World 4 library (20 Gb total now). An Intel mac is required (Kontakt Player 4) and it is priced 449 euros (149 euros for the upgrade). Stunning and very long audio demos are available.

The long awaited Galaxy Vintage D piano samples library from Best Service is finally available (and priced 129 euros). It includes 10 Gb of 24 bit samples (2000, 13 velocity levels) and is based on Kontakt 4 player (Intel mac required), whose lossless compression format allows to save half the disk space (and shortens the load time). Audio demos are provided.

Best Service TITAN demo

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Audio
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A demo of Best Service TITAN is provided here (326 Mb). It includes 12 multi-samples (5500 in the full version), and the player works in an unlimited mode (can import external samples – up to 24).

Best Service : TITAN

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Audio
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Best Service unveiled TITAN (will be released July, 15) – in fact we discovered it some months ago in the Best Service paper catalog. This library includes 5500 multisamples (100 000 samples, 36 Gb) of sounds from 200 synthesizers of 80s and 90s (and from recent virtual plugins) : 2327 Synth Sounds, 1200 Pads & Atmospheres, 778 Basses, 250 Synth-Brass & Real Brass Sounds, 100 Guitars, 161 Choirs & Voices, 227 Pianos, hundreds of effect-sounds, and Bonus-Bank (170 original vintage string synths from over 20 different original instruments).
The ENGINE player (developed in collaboration with Yellow Tools) is provided (includes 400 impulse responses), and also works on G4. Videos are available, and the library is priced 249 euros.