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While there hasn’t been recent news on the planned Marble Madness version for iOS (expected to include original levels and new ones), we can find two projects about adding 3D to the original 2D isometric game :

– Rolling madness (Window version here – based on SDL however source code not provided) includes the original 6 levels with 3D transforms and dynamic camera (a video is available here).
– Marble Madness source (blog here) brings new versions of first two levels using Half Life 2 Source engine, and enhances the abstract style and deep effect (a video is available here).

Mirye provides at the AppStore Shade 12, a 3D modeling and animation software (Basic edition, priced 49,99$ instead 99$). Standard and Professional versions are available respectively for 349 and 749$. The Basic version features less evolved modeling (no Hair Salon, etc.), fewer material effects and mapping modes, less complex lighting and animating, and doesn’t include Toon rendering nor physics/particles support. It however provides Sketch modeling, Photo modeling, Stereoscopic rendering and SketchUp import.

The downloaded application from AppStore doesn’t include resources (2 Gb of content), that have to be downloaded at site : after having created an account and being logged into the site, we have to click on the Suppott menu, select Activation option, and select Shade: Register Your Mac App Store Purchase as the ticket category, then MACAPPSTORE as code.
A verification email will be sent by the support. Demo videos can be found here.

E-On provided recently Vue d’Esprit 9 and various additional plugins couples at 25-30 percent discount. The standard version of Vue d’Esprit 9 (includes Content Starter Pack, RenderUp and 3DImport modules) and additional EcoPainter, LightTune, EcoSystem, DeepAccess, Botanica and Zephyr plugins were then available at 341$ only.

Vue 9 Complete (599$) adds HyperVue, KronosFX and Exporter modules, however those are targeted to studios, as they require computers networking for calculations.

MacOSX 10.7 : SceneKit 3D framework

Posted: March 31, 2011 in IT/Dev
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From rumors, MacOSX Lion may bring another new framework (beside AV Foundation), SceneKit, that will make adding 3D scenes in applications easier (no OpenGL skills required).

Google presents O3D, a 3D framework that provides javascript APIs (works inside a browser plugin). The OSX verison requires an Intel mac. The plugin accesses to the graphics card acceleration through OpenGL or DirectX. An utility allows importing of external 3D models from Collada, SketchUp, 3ds Max and Maya.
We can watch a stunning video and launch demos (require the plugin to be installed).