iPhone : Fairlight / Wifi Midi controller

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Audio
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The iPhone/iPad Fairlight application can be controlled (beside using the virtual keyboard or step editing in the sequencer) from a Midi keyboard using either Wifi (thanks to CoreMidi’s  network feature – CoreMidi is available since iOS 4.2) or USB (iPhone camera connection kit required, and also self-powered USB Midi interface).

Setting up a Wifi CoreMidi network is easy :
– on the mac create a Wifi network (for example by using integrated Airport on mac mini – allows direct computer to computer networking) using Networking preferences.
– enable Wifi on the iPhone/iPad and connect to the Airport network.
-launch Audio and Midi Utility, click on Network icon in the Midi configuration window, create a new session (plus button).
– launch Fairlight application on the iPhone. The device is then listed in Directory area of Midi Network Settings on the mac (below My Sessions area). Click on Connect (except if green light). Latency is low and allows playing from a Midi controller.

Note : turn off automatic idle on the iPhone.

  1. Updated instructions (internet sharing isn’t required and latency is low when creating a computer to computer – peer to peer – wifi network). Try also using different channel (worked for Automatic -11) and with or without password (40 bits WEP only).

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