Fierfox 4 available

Posted: March 23, 2011 in IT/Dev
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Firefox 4 is available (Intel mac only). It seems as fast as Safari (as it features a new javascript engine – 3 to 6 times faster than the previous one -, as well as canvas 2D hardware accelerating through OpenGL on MacOSX).

It manages WebGL (see demos here – 40 to 26 fps on a 2010 mac mini depending on number of displayed elements, and full options ebabled -, and init of the webgl context), a new HTML5 parser that allows inline SVG and MathML (that is svg and math tags instead of generic purpose object tag), HTML5 audio and video tags, WebM video format, CSS3 (including CSS gradients, backgrounds, CSS Transitions – with -moz prefix -, WOFF), App Cache, IndexDDB, and Web Workers.

Support for websocket is included, however it is disabled by default (contrary to Chrome and Safari 5 where it is enabled) for security concerns.

The CP2JavaWS demo is close as fast as with Safari (except refresh page fault), however the transitory display bug (value in first row first column cell) is still here (tested with Cappuccino 0.8, so to verify with latest 0.9).


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