Vue 8 : PLE / Pioneer / Artist demo

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Apple
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E-on Software provides 3 demo versions of its Vue 8 suites : Vue 8 Pioneer (for personnal use only, renders a logo, files are compatible with full versions), and Vue 8 PLE (full version of Vue 8 Infinite/xStream, however renders a watermark – sill for non-commercial use -, and files aren’t compatible with the full version). We can also buy Themes Packs for Vue 8 Pioneer (Science Fiction, Fantasyn Fairy Tales, priced 46,95$ each, whose render does not include a logo). Finally we can download a demo of Vue 8 Artist (no scenes save, rendering limited to 640×480, animations restricted to 5s, limited content, and 30 days trial only).

As we can see in this comparative charts, Vue 8 Artist demo (corresponds in fact to either Vue 8 Esprit, Sudio or Complete – the choice is provided at install time – all 3 products are from the same family, Vue for 3D Artists) includes more features than Vue 8 Pioneer (these ones can be purchased as additional modules). Vue 8 PLE is the demo version of Vue 8 Infinite/xStream, that belongs to the Vue for Professionals products family.


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