Adobe migrating to WebKit ?

Posted: December 10, 2009 in IT/Dev
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While Adobe AIR 2 solution is based both on Flash and WebKit, its Creative Suite will use WebKit as default for extensions development. Following Apple, Google, Nokia, and Palm, Adobe now understands that WebKit is the future of web applications, and prepares migrating.

To remember, Adobe made great softwares in early 90’s, on mac System 7 (exclusively, as they couldn’t do such things on Windows… 3.1), then bought Cyberstudio’s GoLive in late 90’s (was cancelled in 2008…), developed PDF (the basis of the MacOSX Quartz rendering/compositing engine since 2000), and SVG standard.

Later Adobe acquired Macromedia, starting the decline of Director and Freehand, and focused mainly on Flash (that Macromedia hadn’t originally targeted to application development solution – Flash has been used mainly for ads and animations, that is non pro level). They even put aside their own SVG !


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