iTunes : migrate applications

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Apple, Troubleshooting
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To transfer applications (Mobile Applications) from a mac to a new one, two ways are provided :

The old disk is available (or has been extracted from the old computer if the later is not working anymore) :
– Copy the files iTunes Library, iTunes Library Extras, iTunes Library Genius and iTunes Music Library to the new iTunes folder under user/Music/iTunes.
– Copy Mobiles Applications (that was at the root of iTunes folder under Leopard) to iTunes Media (new subfolder in iTunes folder under Snow Leopard).
– Launch iTunes while pressing Option key: locate then the new iTunes folder for the library.

A message “This computer isn’t allowed anymore to use applications installed on the ‘iPhone, do you want to authorize this computer…” click on Yes –> n computers on 5 registered message.

Applications are now listed on the Applications tab in iTunes (once the iPhone is selected). There isn’t anymore an Applications section in the left pane contrary to iTunes under Leopard.

The disk isn’t accessible (the data are only available on the iPhone ) :

– Through the Store menu list under iTunes, authorize the new computer.
– Right-click on the iPhone (left pane) and choose Transfert purchases.


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