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Yosemite / mac mini

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Apple
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OSX Yosemite performance on a mid-2010 mac mini (NVidia 320M) reminds first 10.0 version : text rendering is 3 times slower (slow redraw when resizing windows), OpenGL is 2 times slower, and user interface test is 10 times slower ! Also opening windows (files listing) is slower, while the new UI theme shouldn’t require more power (it should be faster as it is simplistic – Googlish / Windowish -, without all previous refinements that ultimately landed into Mavericks, not mentioning still non fixed firewire disks sleep issue and trim issue).

Then Apple may use some new OpenGL 4 only APIs for Quartz, while older macs only support OpenGL 3.3.

The new mac mini have half the CPU cores than previous ones, do not allow adding RAM, and only provide an Iris graphics chipset (Iris Pro would have been at least required). Also new imac’s Nvidia 750M graphics card is old.

We now then have to either buy a retina imac ($2500) or mac pro ($2999), or wait for upcoming Broadwell based hackintosh (that will offer same performance for half power requirements, and then will allow smaller enclosure). Also Intel will release an updated Iris Pro.

We then want Scott Forstall (OS features and design), Jon Rubinstein (hardware leading edge with custom processors – should come with A8x) and Bertrand Serlet (Snow Leopard) back, as new team really isn’t talented (except iPad/iPhone hardware engineering).

A step by step video about replacing mac mini 2010’s hard disk is available. We can also find a comparative review of most recent SSD.

Paris music show 2010

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Audio
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Paris music show 2010 (located this time at La Vilette) was less extended than the previous editions at porte de Versailles (for example there wasn’t even Korg, nor Studiologic, and very few softwares). It however allowed to test the innovative Roland V-Piano :

The dynamic and expression are stunning, better than on any digital pianos. The piano sound is faithful and brings something more, as an evolving of the classical piano (with an unique personnality – as when we compare sample based libraries with FM synthesis). Roland then succeded creating the best piano modeling synthesis ever, far more faithful and expressive than Pianoteq (and better than many real pianos). The resulting experience drives to playing (the stunning feeling of the keys and progressive sensors also help).

The Roland FP-4 (that sounds less mudedd than the RD-GX300 and less clear than RD-GX700 Natural Piano) was a really unexpected discover : the piano sound is some of a great compromise, it looks nice, the keyboard feeling is ok, and it weights far more less (15 kg). The FP-7 isn’t really more pleasant (harder touch and darker look), however it adds stunning drawbars organs.

The Yamaha Motif XF didn’t sound really better than the Motif XS (however it was quickly reviewed compared to the later) or the Korg M50 tested during the last show. Finally Kurzweil didn’t really innovate.

Special Event : keynote video

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Apple
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The January 2010 Special Event video is available here (90 minutes duration).

The January,27 Special Event has been confirmed by Apple, that is expected to announce not only the Tablet, but also iPhone OS4 (with a new emulator that alllows to test applications at higher resolution… the ones used by the Mac Tablet), and iLife 2010 (with multitouch features).