Apple Special Event : Lightpeak

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Apple, Audio, Troubleshooting
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Apple announced a special event that will take place March, 2. We expect the presentation of iPad 2, and the release of new MacBook Pro fitted with Lightpeak transfer technology (renamed Thunderbolt by Apple, and whose connector is similar to mini display port).
Last June mac mini wasn’t then the real/full revolution, and Firewire 800 daisy-chaining problems on Snow Leopard with PLX chipsets (that acquired Oxford) are less likely to be fixed. This would explain why Apple didn’t have used USB3 nor Firewire 3200 in recent macs, and had been waiting to jump directly to the next technology, as they did 12 years ago with Firewire.

  1. Problem with audio cut when chaining an external disk in Firewire 800 and an Echo AudioFire Firewire 400 interface seems either due to a compatibility problem with Macway/Storeva Silverdrive Quattro enclosure (slave/master configuration conflict between its recent PLX 936 chipset and older Oxford 912 chipset from the Audiofire interface), or a bad PLX chipset, or bad electronic design for enclosure’s controller board, and/or its power supply (1.2 A – Macway even provides a 0.5A only power supply on its AluceIce enclosure, while a powerful disk uses about 8W on 12V for its engine – that is about 0,7A – and additional power on the 5.5V line for the electronic – about 1W for the chipset – and the activity led).

    Replacing the enclosure with an OWC one (Mercury Elite Al Pro) fixed the problem (no audio cut when chaining the enclosure with the audio interface, nor blocking/error when copying files from an external disk to another chained one). Moreover the OWC enclosure uses a 3A power supply, and the audio interface still works when the disk enters in sleep mode (no rotating).

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