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Spectaculator : free version

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Games
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A free version of Spectrum Spectaculator emulator is available at the App Store. It is provided with recent games (classics with the paid version).

A ZX Spectrum emulator, ZX Nostalgia, appeared at the AppStore (0,99$). It is bundled with 14 games (among those the famous Manic Miner) and allows 100% of original performance, on all iPhone models. Display can be set to portrait or landscape.
The developer stated that a future update will bring an Add buton for in-game purchase of new games. First users reviews report that the provided virtual joystick (that is displayed contextually) isn’t well suited for some games, and that a fixed virtual D-pad option would be required, as well as a virtual keyboard if adventure games are added later.
Games license question (not easy as most companies do not exist anymore, and rights owners often prefer not giving written agreement) is explained further at worldofspectrum site.