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EastWest released Hollywood Orchestra collection, that bundles Hollywood String, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion (Diamond version, 680 GB, provided on external USB3 drive). It is available at an introductory price of $599 / EUR653, that is 80 percent discount from buying separate products (and is about the same price as was Symphonic Orchestra Gold 10 years ago).

EastWest presents Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, that will be available this July, 23 (142 GB for the Diamond version). Audio demos haven’t been added yet.

PLAY 3 available

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Audio
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Following the public beta test, PLAY 3 version is now available. A later update will add support for 64 bit Wordbuilder.

EastWest Hollywood Brass

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Audio
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EastWest announces Hollywood Brass, available starting July, 10 (priced 795$ for now and 995$ later). A bundle with Hollywood Strings is also available (1495$ for now and 1990$ later). The Diamond version includes 150 GB of samples (5 mic positions, 24 bit) while the Gold version (495$, 1 mic position, 16 bit) uses 20 GB space. Audio demos aren’t available yet.

EastWest/QuantumLeap presented Ministry of Rock 2/ (two demos available, 355$ – 295$ until January, 18 for Ministry of Rock 1 users) and Spaces, a convolution reverb that features low CPU usage (probably less than PLAY’s convolution reverb – and we can then use a single effect instance). Audio demos are available and it is priced 299$ (through download or DVD). A demo iLok license (10 days) is provided.

EastWest released Hollywood Strings Gold (available September, 27), a 16-bit version that provides a single mics configuration (mid-tree), all articulations (however no divisi), bow change (however not in legato mode). It is priced 750$ (1450$ for the full Diamond version) and includes 48 Gb of samples (310 Gb for Diamond version), on DVD or on a 500 Gb Western Digital Black Caviar internal disk (can be put on an external SATA case plugged through firewire), that is provided for free until September, 30.

Moreover the Diamond verison is also included on the disk, for a 10 days try (allows to compare the two versions, and to easily upgrade).

Hollywood Brass announced

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Audio
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EastWest announced the starting of recording session of Hollywood Brass, that is expected next Spring (6 months of post-production besides the 1 month recordings). Hollywood Woodwinds and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion will follow.

EastWest TeraPack

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Audio
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EastWest presents TeraPack, a 1 Tb SATA disk (internal) preloaded with the full libraries (including Hollywood Strings and the recent The Dark Side), that allows testing of these during 10 days. It is priced 129$. Moreover a discount is provided on the licenses for a limited time (50% on most libraries, 12% on Hollywood Strings and 8% on The Dark Side).

The Dark Side for PLAY

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Audio
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Doug Rogers (EastWest) and David Fridmann present The Dark Side, a 40 Gb samples library for PLAY : dark and eerie instruments, highly processed drums and percussion, basses, guitars, ethnic, keyboard, strings, and effected instruments. Audio demos are available. It is priced 395$.

Here is the procedure to migrate (keep existing samples install) Kontakt 2, EastWest libraries based on Kompakt, BestService libraries based on Kontakt Player 2 or Intakt, and EastWest PLAY libraries. This also work if the old computer isn’t accessible/does not work anymore. The samples have to be located in an external disk (or if they were on an internal disk on the old computer, extract the disk and install it in an external disk case).

With previous versions of Native Instruments site, a Manage Registrations and Activations link (was also displayed in older Service Center) allowed to deactivate a license for a machine (even if not accessible). Now this option isn’t available, however we just have to click on B) Serial Number Registration, and then Register the serial number here to register again. It seems the site now takes care automatically of deregistering the old computer, and allowing the product to be listed from Service Center on the new machine.

Kontakt2 migrating

– Install Kontakt 2 from the original DVD (Rosetta will launch) : enter the serial (from DVD cover), and do not install the library.
– launch the Kontakt 2.2.4 (UB) update
– launch service center : click on Activate for Kontakt 2 product
– Replace the Content.plist file (located at user/Library/Preferences) by the one provided by on Native Instruments site (contains the list of libraries that will be considered by Kontakt2 – not required when using Kontakt 4).

The Kontakt 2 library still cannot be used from Kontakt 4 Player, even after clicking on Add or having added the path in Database tab. We have then to keep Kontakt 2.2.4 also.

Some other tricks are provided here.

Migrating libraries based on Kompakt or Intakt

– Launch the installer on the original DVD (Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Choirs, Colossus, Artist Complete, etc.), and force quit it when asking for library destination.
– At NI site, once connected, click on B) Serial Number Registration, and then Register the serial number here to enter the serial number again.
– Launch Service Center on the mac, the product will then being displayed, and can be activated.
– The library is now accessible from Kontakt 2 (direct access to the instruments files, or browsing after a Database rebuild). The provided Content.plist file at NI forums have to be copied into user/Library/Preferences before.
– To add the library in Kontakt 4 Player, just click Add and locate the samples library folder.

Note : Kompakt also works through Rosetta (have to be launched twice however for the library to be considered registered).

Migrate libraries based on Kontakt Player 2

The procedure is the same, except we have to do a custom Install to only install Kontakt Player 2. However the library isn’t considered registered from Kontakt Player 2 and Kontakt 2, even after registering on the site and having activated it through Service Center (message about encrypted library – is tied with the previous machine). In fact the library can be loaded from Kontakt 4 Player, by clicking Add (works for Strings Essentials 2 and Ethno World 4).

If we prefer using the original Kontakt Player 2 or Kontakt 2, we have to install the whole library again before activating it through Service Center :

Reuse of PLAY libraries installs

Thanks to iLok authorization key, no step is required to transfer an EastWest Play product license from a computer to another :
– Install (optional) the Play application from the original DVD by doing a custom Install and uncheking Library. An error appears at the end, it isn’t a problem and is known by EastWest.
– Install the latest Play update (downloaded at By default the update selects the previously installed products (step 1) for the update (if not, choose Custom Install and select the products).
– Launch Play, and then open the Browser window, and Ctrl+click on the (empty) area under the Favorites button : through the contextual menu, go to Add Another Product Library, choose the submenu corresponding to the installed product (QL Ministry of Rock, etc.), and locate the library folder. This has to be done for each product.

EastWest provides a 1.0.1 update to Hollywood Strings.

EastWest offers 50% discount until end June, and Silk is now part of this special sale: we can get it for 247$.