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Many very positive articles about Snow Leopard emerged in the online Press these last days (and are referenced at Apple site), among those the NY Times one. We discover here some less known new features :

Icons can now be 512 pixels (several inches) square, turning any desktop window into a light table for photos. You can page through a PDF document or watch a movie right on a file’s icon. (see this video).

You can now record your screen activity as a movie — fantastic for tutorials. (video here).

When you rename an icon on an alphabetically sorted desktop, it visibly slides into its new alphabetic position so you can see where it went. (typical example of Core Animation implicit animation mode).

About security, the XProtect component do not just ask confirmation when opening a downloaded application for the first time : it now also maintains a list of known trojans (two at this time), and displays a warning message if we click on a package that contains one of these. However it only works if the image/package has been downloaded with a software that sets the extended property (see details at Sophos site). Then this protection isn’t yet available for content downloaded using BitTorrent, or for files accessed through an USB key or network sharing.