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Emotuned : article at DZone

Posted: September 3, 2012 in IT/Dev
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An bistory of Emotuned application project can be found at DZone. It presents the project idea, the work on required framework (porting CP2JavaWS to php and adding new features), the CSS3 player wrapped to a new Cappuccino component, use of new Cappucino dynamic controls (popovers, animating), a new HTML5 drag and drop upload component (that works with Safari and Firefox), tricks for performance enhancement.

Audiofanzine provides a review of Kurzweil PC361 (see the audio and video demos – announced price is 2395$), and an interview/history of the project’s leaders. We notably learn that the PC361 brings back the VA module from the VA1 synth (that was cancelled after Samick acquired Kurzweil in 2004), thanks to original staff return when Hyundai buyed the company later in 2006.
Now Kurzweil has new dealers for all countries (including France), and new projects are being worked on. Meanwhile, a lite version of the PC361, the PC361 LE, is planned. It will provide half the polyphony and simultaneous effects, probably for close to half the price (and probably close to Korg M50 price).

OpenDoc history from inside

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Apple, IT/Dev
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We can find at Greg Maletic blog a full history of Apple’s OpenDoc project, with exclusive informations. Among these we learn that following the project’s dismise, many engineers left Apple to work on Java at Sun (we still knew that language took inspiration from Smalltalk and Objective-C) :

OpenDoc had many of Apple’s best engineers, and they–and many of our third-party developers–truly loved the technology and put their all into it. It didn’t matter. Everyone’s interest drifted to the web, and most of the folks working on OpenDoc went to Sun to work on Java; after my marketing team of six people dwindled down to just me, I left to start a Java tools company with a friend.