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From these service manuals (here for the D-50 and there for D-20) we learn that both Roland synths use Burr-Brown PCM54 D/A converter. However the D-50 added a 4 bits chip to convert the lower 4 bits from 20 bits signal (better headroom for internal processing and better dynamic for output).

As expected, Roland released free FA EXP-09 (samples from SRX10 Complete Piano) and EXP-10 (samples from SRX06 Complete Orchestra).

Now they should provide new samples, as these are very old (strings sounds from SRX04 were released back in 2001, and weren’t really greater than the ones from 1999’s SRJV-12 Orchestral II, that I’m still using/layering with VSL and Hollywood Strings).

Also 2005’s piano samples from SRX10 still seem to be the basis for supernatural piano sounds (FP7-F one only improves their dynamic and resonance – some interpolation algorithms to model notes decrease from short samples data and smooth sample/layer switch, while managing equalizing differently in low end and providing better converters). Since JV80 Roland had the best samples compression technology and interpolation algorithm, however they now need new sample materials (or they will have to stay on synth like emulations and Z3TA like sounds).

It then seems we have reached a step in quality (no really new piano nor orchestral library these last 3 years – VSL Dimension Strings went towards more modelling/additive synthesis however the base samples weren’t improved, as these are used as partials).

This is time for custom stacked/layered sounds (I succeded in producing were nice Strings layers using SO, VSL, Strings Essentials, HL Strings and samples Roland SRJV12 stereo strings, also an impressive church organ by layering two famous D50 patchs with a free Kontakt based library). Electric guitars still rely on Amplitube.

Roland FA EXP-07 / EXP-08

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Audio
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Roland provides through axial site EXP-07 Brass Collection (samples from SRX-11) and EXP-08 Strings Collection (samples from SRX-04). We are then expecting an Orchestra Collection, that will include samples from SRX-06. Next, Roland may sell new collections, that will bring new samples.

Roland added new samples collections for FA synths at axial site. The EXP04 Concert Piano Collection brings samples from SRX02 card, EXP05 Electric piano collection contains samples from SRX12, and EXP06 Studio collection includes those from SRX03.

Linear D2 samples library update adds new sounds (4x larger size) and a new demo (mp4 format, also ogg version).

These long looped Kontakt instruments were sampled from Roland D-20’s custom patches, based on its unique  resonant filter (finer grain than D-50’s one, that can’t reproduce these).

Roland FA-08 / FA-06

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Audio
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Roland unveiled new workstations, FA-08 (88 Ivory Feel G keys, 16.5 kg) and FA06. They use same engine as Integra-7, however they don’t include the SRX cards collection (external samples can be imported through two USB Flash Memory slots). A sequencer and arpeggiator are provided. The FA-08 is priced $1800 here (also $1200 for FA-06), far more interesting than old Fantoms.

The new sampling feature (that was missing on Integra-7) may allow adding better samples than legacy SRX, either from existing computer samples libraries or from Roland Axial site. Then Roland may switch to software samples editor rather than hardware samples maker (SRX cards were expensive while only containing memory, that is cheap). They also may provide some best of collection of SRX cards samples, prepared (loop points, etc.) to be used directly from FA-08 sound engine (that is why these samples are only available through Axial site).

The Integra-7 may then be less interesting over years (the powerfull sound engine and effects from FA-08 may allow better results than Kontakt-based samples libraries), or it will be replaced by a new module that adds samples import features.

Roland now provides the mac version of Integra-7 editor, and also new free sounds libraries for its synths (notably Jupiter and D-50 emulations for Integra-7) through its Axial site.