Appstore : Shade 12 special price

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Apple
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Mirye provides at the AppStore Shade 12, a 3D modeling and animation software (Basic edition, priced 49,99$ instead 99$). Standard and Professional versions are available respectively for 349 and 749$. The Basic version features less evolved modeling (no Hair Salon, etc.), fewer material effects and mapping modes, less complex lighting and animating, and doesn’t include Toon rendering nor physics/particles support. It however provides Sketch modeling, Photo modeling, Stereoscopic rendering and SketchUp import.

The downloaded application from AppStore doesn’t include resources (2 Gb of content), that have to be downloaded at site : after having created an account and being logged into the site, we have to click on the Suppott menu, select Activation option, and select Shade: Register Your Mac App Store Purchase as the ticket category, then MACAPPSTORE as code.
A verification email will be sent by the support. Demo videos can be found here.

  1. The basic edition also doesn”t include volumetric rendering (so no clouds – not rendered in the demo objects), instead it provides some sky backgrounds. It is then more complementary to Vue d’Esprit (SketchUp import – Shade12 basic edition is priced the same as Vue’s SketchUp import plugin -, very fast and great/sharp quality rendering – see demos).

  2. Shade12 application runs in 32 bits mode by default. By unchecking the option from informations panel it launches in 64 bits mode, and is then even faster.
    However as stated here some plugins does not work in 64 bits mode (only in 32 bits mode), among these SketchUp import and Quicktime export.

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