Apple drops the NDA around iPhone dev

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Apple, IT/Dev

Apple dropped (sooner than expected) the NDA around iPhone development. Then exchanges, support forums and code examples should arise. Apple strategy has always been to unleash the iPhone potential step by step (at first there was HTML + javascript development only, then Cocoa but with NDA, etc.) The next step should be the opening of the iPhone filesystem (for now it is tied with the AppStore only). So Apple generates expectations and an interest peak each time they open something.
In the hard economic context these last days (Apple’s quote dropped 20$ down, before being up 8$), the company probably decided it was the time to use that mean, considering it will also help diverting developpers from Android. In fact Apple’s competitors still own an ADC membership, and even participate to WWDC, so the NDA wasn’t for patents concerns.


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