iTunes Store : soon 24 bit

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Audio, Music / Movies
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The iTunes Music Store may soon provide 24 bit encoded songs (that is the standard for mastering these days, and it had also been used in 90s for some albums/compilations of some famous artists (a 24 bit to 16 bit dithering was used for CD media).
However it still won’t be lossless, and as stated in a comment the better headroom (additional dynamic range left for mixing before clipping) – noise floor not being anymore a problem with converters these last years – is of few use since music editors keep maxing out the level (using a compressor).

I indeed had to use a limiter to rise MJ Style’s album audio level (a compressor would have produced a pumping effect if applied after the original mix’s reverb), in order to ensure it being close to other songs at the iTunes Store. The result was a somewhat mechanical sounding beat for snare (levelled due to the use of a limiter).


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