Apple WebKit/HTML5 : end of Flash and Gears ?

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Apple, IT/Dev

With its enhancements in terms of accessibility – new features and performances optimizations (CSS Visual Effects extensions for graphics and HTML5 Javascript database/Application Cache for data storage), the Apple WebKit engine (still fully compliant and hardware accelerated on the iPhone) directly competes with both Adobe AIR/Flex and Google Gears. In both cases Apple uses standards, as it did for video (H264). These standards should be merged in the QuickTime X container…

We can read at Macgeneration a very interesting comment/analysis (as usual with oomu) :

At the end, Flash has no future, why ? Because ALL flash services are now (or soon) available in the standardized browser :
– video and animations ? HTML5
– local database ? HTML5
– sub-processes ? HTML5
Actionscript ? That is javascript (actionscript engine in flash9 was given to mozilla under licence gpl)
For vector and animation : canvas dom+svg+javascript.

What was previously only available in Flash black box container is now exposed through html, css and javascript combination.
– html is the content,
– javascript is the programming language,
– css is the view style definition.
And soon OpenGL will be accessible through DOM/js.

All that however lacks some wrapping architecture for mainstream/large scale RDA applications development. But Cappuccino adresses this (dynamic binding, delegation chain, high level code – full DOM abstraction – and reduced code, proven solution), and CP2JavaWS provides the transparent bridge to J2EE SOA services. Web 3.0 is born !


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