CP2JavaWS 0.3 final release

Posted: February 2, 2009 in IT/Dev
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The final 0.3 release of CP2JavaWS is available. It brings the following enhancements :

– major refactoring and code cleaning, completely rewritten encoding and decoding on the client-side and server-side.
– that version now uses Objective-J categories to encode/decode full objects graphs, and allows to customize encoding/decoding (if needed) for custom objects
– encoding and decoding now manages any depth, including nested collections
– collections (CPArray/List and CPDictionary/Map) elements can be heterogeneous
– method’s arguments (JSON encoded parameters) and return now provide the objjClassName for each node (including collections’s elements),
so the client-side is independant from server-side technology (language).
Besides the CP2JavaJSONServlet, a PHP implementation could then be added for example, keeping the same client-side CP proxy classes.
– the custom Objective-J classes to Java custom classes mapping has now to be done using a properties file on the server-side.

– version 0.35 is expected to use CPCoding protocol redefinition in categories in order for having transparent decoding/encoding on the server-side when Objective-J is also used on the server.
– version 0.4 will add transparent authentication feature (automatic display of a user-provided view if 401 return code) with full Digest management (nonce, cnonce).

Note : the 0.3 final release also fixes bugs (that still were present on the 0.3 alpha pre-release) with Objective-J objects encoding (if an attribute was named “name”, it leaded to a wrong value in the JSON string) and decoding (didn’t manage decoding of collection elements).


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